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Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Deny: What are you going to do tonight?
Reza : .…?
A. I will to go to the movie
B. I am going to meet my girlfriend.
C. I went to the hospital.
D. I would write a poem.
17. Thomas : ..…are you from, Bara?
Bara : I’m from Texas. I’m American.
A. Where
B. How
C. Who
D. What
18. Ani: Sandy, will you …be in your office tomorrow ?
Sandy: I won’t be there, but my boss will. He can help you.
Ani: Oh great. I like working with your boss. He is so … and helpful.
A. friendly
B. beautifully
C. formally
D. likely
19. Rina : Have you got the ticket for the concert?
Roni : No, I haven’t. Can you book the ticket for me?
Rina : OK,…
A. I will find the book for you.
B. I will check the concert.
C. I will go with you.
D. I will call the ticket agent.
20. Guest : ..… will you stay here?
Receptionist: I will stay for a couple nights.
A. How many
B. How far
C. How long
D. How much
21. Woman : I’m sorry Sir. We are fully booked now.
Man : Oh, What a pity. I don’t know where I can spend a night tonight.
Woman : ……?
Man : OK. Thank you very much.
A. Would you like to reserve a room in another hotel.
B. Would you like me to book a room in another hotel.
C. Could I ask you to reserve a room in another hotel.
D. Could you book a room in another hotel for me,please.

22. Amir : Can you hear something from the bathroom?
Budi : Yes, I think Mary …in the bathroom.
A. to sing
B. is singing
C. sings
D. will sing
23. Manager : Santy, did you call Mc.Dermott Company to confirm the order?
Santy : Yes, Sir. They…to send it next week.
A. agreed
B. received
C. accepted
D. got
24. Arum: I think it’s a very difficult problem. How can we solve this?
Anton: Don’t be hopeless. Try to understand the problem itself, because without …
the real problem you will never have a solution.
A. understand
B. understanding
C. to understand
D. understood
25. Agus : …..?
Banu : Perhaps, they can. But I’m not sure.
Agus : I’ve never found them repairing the washing machine.
A. Can they repair washing machine?
B. Can they install washing machine?
C. Can they clean washing machine?
D. Can they find washing machine?

Directions: In questions 26 – 35, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). You have to identify one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.

26. Fajar : Hi, Sari. Have you heard about Tina’s recently?

Sari : Certainly. In her letter my friend said that she was looking forward to hear C D
from me again.

27. Firman : Nur, where does your mom work?
Nur : At Dr. Cokro Hospital.

Firman : What was she?
Nur : She’s a nurse. She takes care for patients.

28. Earthquake when happened in Yogya on May 2006 destroyed many general
Facilities which are essential for daily life.

29. Waiter : Would you prefer tea to coffee?
Guest : I would prefer tea than coffee. I think it’s fresher.

30. Marissa : Can you tell me where the good store to find English books is, Tin?
Tina : Please go to Gramedia. It’s the best because the various collections.

31. Wenwen: The phone is ringing but I am busy now.
Must you please pick up the receiver?
Sansan: No problem, I will.

32. Tomi : Would you mind replacing me to join the English speech competition
Rudi : I’m sorry I can’t. I haven’t make preparation at all.
Tomi : Thanks anyway.

33. Lala : The price of eggs is Rp 8000. The price of sugar is Rp 6000. The price of
rice is Rp 5000.

Lili : So, eggs are the more expensive.

34. Ani : What are you going to do after finishing your study?

Beni : I’m offer a job by my brother in Jakarta.

35. Jono : You look so tired. What have you are doing?
Vania: I’ve been writing letters since ten o’clock this morning.

Direction: Questions 36 – 50 are based on variety of reading materials. You are to choose the best answer to each question. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer sheet.
Read the text carefully before choosing the answer.

Rotary’s popular Youth Exchange Program annually about 10.000 secondary school students to spend a few weeks to a year in another country, where they live with carefully selected families and often attend school. “The experience of the life time” is the phrase many of these youthful goodwill ambassadors use to describe the adventure of making new friends and learning the complexities of an unfamiliar culture. In doing so, they also learn a great deal about themselves and their own country and culture.
36. The word annually means ….
A. yearly
B. weekly
C. monthly
D. daily

37. How many students are sent to another country by Rotary annually?
A. 2.500
B. 10.000
C. 15.000
D. 7.000

38. Whom do the students live a road with?
A. their friends
B. their own families
C. their school friends
D. carefully selected families
39. We can call the students who are sent abroad through Rotary as ….
A. adventurers
B. programmers
C. youth
D. ambassadors

A Classical music concert that presents a young pianist from Hungary, Adam Gyorgy, will be held in three big cities in Indonesia on August 2007. There are in Jakarta dated on 7th August 2007. Yogyakarta Royal Palace dated on 12th August 2007 and will be ended on 21st August in Bali. This event has a theme of Indonesia Pusaka Tour 2007 sponsored by Citra Amalia.

40. The last concert of Adam Gyorgy is in ….
A. Hungary
B. Bali
C. Jakarta
D. Yogyakarta
41. The Classical Music Concert of Adam Gyorgy in Indonesia was supported by ….
A. a Government Foundation from Hungary
B. the Yogyakarta Royal Palace
C. a sponsorship
D. an event organizer

The Secret of Beauty
Begin the journey of true indulgence with Sekar Arum Spa retreats. Our collection of exclusive package treatments, promise to awaken the senses, rejuvenate the skin, soothe the spirit and mesmerize the mind
Get 30% off!
Rp 413.000 nett.
(Body massage, relaxation in sauna/whirlpool, yellow lulur, herbal bath, body lotion, manicure & pedicure, mineral water and ginger drink)

42. After having the Spa treatment, people will ….
A. have strong body
B. be more relaxed
C. have high tension
D. change their mind

43. To have Spa treatment, we can pay ….
A. Rp 413.000
B. Rp 400.610
C. More than Rp 413.000
D. Less than Rp 413.000
Ways to Germ-Proof Your Kitchen
By: Lisa Connors McDonough
It’s hard to turn on the television or read the newspaper without seeing reports about dangerous bacteria in food. But surprisingly, recommendation from top food-safety experts to keep your food and family safe are simple and quick.
Tips to be followed regularly:
- Disinfect germ hot spots-bench tops, sink, cutting board, refrigerator door handle and bottom shelf-with diluted bleach (5 ml in a litre of water) or a “disinfectant” cleaner.
- Clean or replace sponges often. Run them (only the nonabrasive, celvlose type) through the dishwasher or microwave for 60 seconds. Use a paper towel to mop up row egg or juices from raw meat.
- Keep tour refrigerator temperature at degrees or lower, your freezer at minus 18 degrees or less. Check occasionally with a thermometer.
(from: Reader’s Digest, March 2000)

44. These items can be cleaned by diluted blench, except:
A. cutting board
B. refrigerator door handle
C. microwave
D. bottom shelf
45. What can we use to map up row egg from row meat?
A. a disinfected cleaner
B. sponges
C. a cloth
D. a paper towel
46. In which temperature degrees should we keep the freezer?
A. at 18 degrees
B. at 4 degrees
C. at minus 18 degrees
D. at 20 degrees
47. How long should we run part of refrigerator through the microwave?
A. in 90 seconds
B. in 1 minutes
C. in 5 minutes
D. in 18 seconds

To: PO. BOX 51175 45 JL. HARJUNA
August 22, 2007

Dear Sir,
I am applying for the position of mechanic advertised in “City News” on August 20, 2007.

I am 20 years old and graduated from SMK Bhakti majoring in automotive mechanic. Now I am working at AUTOMODI repair shop.

I believe that me experience in handling machine make me very suitable for the position.

Copies of my resume and references are attached. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Yours faithfully,
Herry William.

48. What position does the writer want to apply for?
A. driver
B. electrician
C. salesman
D. mechanic
49. The writer hopes that …
A. He can be the manager.
B. He can be the interviewer.
C. He encloses the references.
D. He can work for the company
50. “I am available for an interview ….”. It means ….
A. He is ready for the interview.
B. He forgets the interview.
C. He applies the job.
D. He is the interviewer.

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. John :”What will you do next Saturday, Dear?”
Wilma :”….”
A. I do my home work
B. I have gone to the Beach
C. I would have an English course.
D. I will have an excursion
17. Wuris :”Good evening, first of all I’d like to introduce the two contestants. …”
Audience :” Hello.”
A. On my left is Jane and on my right is Lucky
B. Jane is left, Lucky is right.
C. This is Mss. Jane and Mss. Lucky
D. There are Jane and Lucky there.
18. Mr. Hunt :”This hotel seems very clean and nice.”
Mrs. Hunt :”Yes, you are right.
Mr.Hunt :” It must …
Mrs. Hunt :”I think so.”
A. Be cheap and enough
B. Be very expensive
C. Be so crowded here
D. Be comfortable to stay here.
19. Receptionist :”Good morning, what can I do for you, Sir?”
Guest :” … a room for double.” Receptionist :”Ok, Can I have your name please.”
A. I’d like a book
B. I’d like to book
C. I’d like a book
D. I’d like booking.
20. Travel Agent :” … “
Mr. Smith :”Next Sunday.”
A. Where will you fly?
B. When will you fly?
C. How many suits do you need?
D. What sort of suit do you need?
21. Travel agency :”Good afternoon! Can I help you, Madam“
Costumer :”… to Surabaya for tomorrow, Can I get a seat no 20?“
Travel Agency :”Certainly, Madam“
A. I’d like to go with you.
B. I’d like to book a train ticket.
C. I’d like to go by plane today.
D. I’d like to go by my car.

22. Rita : “What do you usually do before going to school ?”
Wida : ”In the morning, I often help my mother … the yeard.”
A. To sweep
B. swept
C. Is sweeping
D. sweep
23. Wendy :”Can you tell me about the concert you saw last night?”
Ronnie :”Well, It was very interesting . I … very much.”
A. enjoyed
B. will enjoy
C. have enjoyed
D. enjoy
24. Smith :”Do you mind … about your plan?
Reno :”Certainly, but It’s better if you read my schedule.
Smith :” Ok, Can I have it now?”
Reno :”Yes, Of course.
A. Explain
B. Explaining
C. Explained
D. To explain
25. George :”Can you tell to me how to …?”
Michael :”Use soft cloth and brush it softly and carefully.”
A. Print the computer
B. Clean the computer
C. Install the computer.
D. Operate the computer

Directions: In questions 26 – 35 , each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). You have to identify one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.

26. Mitch :”How do people in this neighborhood earn for living?”
Christ :”By catch fish. They are mostly fishermen.”
27. Head master :”Does Mrs. Ninglis teach English every Monday?”
Students :”Yes, you are right, she always come on time.”
28. Manager :”What do the passengers do now?”

Security Officer :”The passengers which are frustrated by the delays, are crowded
In front of the ticket counter to change their flight.”
29. Ronald :”We can’t to take this omelet order.”
Christ :”What’s the problem?.”
Ronald :”There isn’t any eggs.
30. Foreigner :”Excuse me, can you show me the way to the nearest Post office?”
Santo :”Sure, It’s on Jl. Ahmad Dahlan 10, please, go ahead . It’s about 100 C

meters from here.”

31. Sandy :”Could you like to come to my sister’ birthday party at 10. 1.m next
Reno :”I’d be glad to of course. What’s the dressed code?

32. Fery :”Could you come to the hall to watch the painting exhibition

Santo :”I’d love to and I’m sorry I can’t . I have something important to do now” C D

33. Frank :”Yesterday I tasted grapes from Malang.”

Shanty :”Was they as sweet as rambutan?’”

34. Manager :”Where are the gowns you brought this morning?”

Santo :”Oh … They display in front of the store.

35. Jack :”My sister was so happy yesterday but she couldn’t say a word.”
Bella :”What happened to her?”

Jack :”She finally got a job.”

Direction: Questions 36 – 50 are based on variety of reading materials. You are to choose the best answer to each question. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer sheet.
Read the text carefully before choosing the answer.

Basic Hazardous Materials
Risk Reductions Measures
Part I : Good Housekeeping.
1. Routinely inspect and maintain equipment and conduct regular preventatives maintenance repairs. Keep logs your action
2. Replace seals and gasket regularly and log the dates.
3. Repair leaks as they occur and log the dates.
4. Install tight – fitting rings on container to minimize evaporation.
5. Use spigot or pump to prevent spill.

36. Which of the following does the author NOT suggest recording in a log?
A. The repair of leaks.
B. The installation of tight – fitting rings.
C. The replacement of seals and gaskets.
D. Routine inspection and maintenance.
37. What will part 2 of these instructions concern?
A. Other means of reducing the dangers of toxic and substances.
B. More measures to improve house keeping.
C. New techniques to repair leaks.
D. A list of toxic chemicals and the risk they present to workers.

To : Walter Quan engineering <>
From : Jody Goodman PR
Date : 29 August 2007
Subject : Questionaire, etc.

Attachment : 1
Hi Walt-could you do me a favor? There is a questionnaire in the file attached top this e – mail. Would you please take a minute to fill out electronically and then end it back to me? We need to up date all the information we have on department heads for the company brochures we are preparing. Please include non – confidential personal information such as awards, community services and family news as well as work related information. And do you want me to arrange a nbew photo of you taken? The one we have on file seems to be a few years old. One other thing I have been put in charge of the company news letter. So I’d appreciate of hearing from you if there have been some exciting new development or even any interesting gossip from the Engineering Dept.
Thanks again

38. What is Walter Quan possible position?
A. Company photographer.
B. Chief of the Public Relation Office.
C. Editor of the news letter
D. Head of the Engineering Dept.
39. Which of the following does Judy NOT ask Walter Quan to do?
A. Complete a form.
B. Provide her with confidential information.
C. Share Engineering dept gossip with her.
D. Tell her about development in his Department.
40. Which of the following attached to the E – Mail company photographer.
A. A photograph
B. A newsletter.
C. A questionnaire.
D. A brochures.
41. What is said in the E – Mail about Walter Quan’s file photograph?
A. It’s not very recent.
B. It doesn’t resemble him at all.
C. It can’t be located.
D. It’s not very clear.
42 Who received telephone calls mentioned in the E –mail?
A. Katie Martin.
B. Mr. Suprianto.
C. Michael Power.
D. Susan Burke.
43 When will the meeting take place?
A. Sunday evening.
B. Monday afternoon.
C. Tuesday morning.
D. Tuesday afternoon.
44. How does Katie suggest Michael spend his time on Moday?
A. Meeting with clients
B. Flying to Jakarta
C. Practicing his presentation.
D. Resting
45. What is being advertised on this advertisement?
A. A new lighting system.
B. Training session.
C. Up – to – date computer hardware.
D. Employment opportunities.
46. What can be inferred about the practice presentation?
A. They will be given by master trainer.
B. They will be video tapped.
C. They will each last for one hour.
D. They will be given by a team of presenters.
47. Which is probably the longest session?
A. The one beginning May 4.
B. The one beginning May 7
C. The one beginning May 10
D. The one beginning May 16

By replacing a few large pistons with many small ones, an Australian inventor claims to have built an
engine that minimizes the wear and tear that arises from the friction and vibration in conventional engines. Because the new engine ensures that fuel is completely burned, it should produce virtually no noxious exhaust. It can run on low – grade fuel such as coconut oil. The “split – cycle” engine, as it is called, will next be tested by independent researchers at U.S. universities. The prototype car of the future will spend less money for daily use, but it will be sell higher than conventional car.

48. What is the best title for the passage?
A. Disadvantage of the “split – cycle “engine.
B. Building a better engine.
C. A challenge to lading Car Company.
D. a look at the car for the future.
49. How is the “split – cycle” engine different from conventional engine?
A. It is much smaller
B. It needs higher octane fuel.
C. It contains more pistons
D. It is built from unusual material.
50. Which of the following is NOT given as one of the advantages of a “split – cycle
A. It last longer.
B. It produces little pollution.
C. It costs less to build.
D. It can burn low grade fuel.

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Fachry : Billy, … your hair? It is too long.
Billy : Tomorrow, probably.
A. when will you cut
B. When did you will cut.
C. When do you will cut.
D. When are you cut.
17. X : I’d like to introduce myself. My name’s Sarah.
Y : … .
A. Pleased to meet you, Sarah.
B. Please call me Sarah.
C. Do you meet Sarah?
D. Please call Sarah.
18. A : Look at that gentleman. Isn’t he Tukul Arwana?
B : Can’t you recognize him?
A : By the way what do you think of Tukul.
A. Tukul is no so cute.
B. Tukul has innocent face
C. Tukul looks so smart
D. Tukul’s very funny
19. Receptionist : Good afternoon, Bharata Hotel & Restaurant. May I help you?
Costumer : I’m Rhiya ….. reserved a packet of dinner for two yesterday.
I’d like to fix my reservation.
Receptionist : Okey Ms. Rhiya, a packet o dinner for two, at 08.00 tonight.
I hope you will enjoy you dinner.
A. Who
B. Whom
C. Which
D. whose
20. Receptionist : Hotel Santika. Can I help you?
Caller : … .
Receptionist : Single or double?
Caller : Single, please.
A. I’d like to book a room, please.
B. I need to reserve a round-trip ticket.
C. I want to speak to the hotel manager, please.
D. Could you tell me where hotel Santika, please

21. Tom : “ Can I ask you a favour?”
Vera : “ … .”
Tom : “ Would you be able to return this book to the library for me, please?
It’s overdue.”
Vera : Sure. I’m going there this afternoon.
Tom : Thanks a lot.
Vera : You’re welcome. It’s no trouble.
A. Of course.
B. I don’t think so
C. I’m not sure
D. Thanks a lot
22. A : What’s on the blackboard?
B : Pointers.
A : You’re right. The teacher … the blackboard when he explains it.
A. is pointing at
B. are pointing at
C. points at
D. pointed at
23. Anita : Terrific! How beautiful you are!
What did you change with your performance?
Lusi : Thank you if you say it so. Actually … .
A. I made my daughter’s dress
B. I will change my hairstyle
C. I am wearing a T-shirt and Jeans
D. I cut my hair in a beauty salon
24. X : There will be a good film at the cinema tonight.
Y : Really? I think we should go there
X : I’d love to, but I can’t afford to buy the ticket.
Y : … . We’ll watch it at home.
A. I’m sorry I can’t
B. We should go to movie
C. Why don’t we rent the CD
D.You should borrow some money
25. John : Do you want to teach me, … ?
Teacher: You have to practice it regularly
A. how to sing well
B. why I can’t sing well
C. why I to sing
D. how can I sing well

In question 26 - 35, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A, B, C, and D. you have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

26. Lusi : What should I do to start print?
I can’t operate this printer.
Betty: Ensue your printers is selected, then specify the required setting and click ok.

27. Father : Does Mr. Ali teach you English?

Son : Yes, he teaches us English. He’s a good teacher and we liked him.

28. Guest : Good evening. I’m Berta from Bandung Branch Office.

Should I meet Mr.Tom, please?

Receptionist: Certainly sir, I will tell his secretary.

29. When I met the boy whom was parking his motorcycle, I thought that he was
my friend, Rizal.

30. Vina : Where’s the students’ meeting?

Tony : It will be held at the second floor in room 201 near the staff room.

31. Joni : Did you wrote a story at home yesterday?

Johan: No, I didn’t I helped my father to hoe in the field.

32. Dido : Can I get a present in my birthday?

Fira : I would give you some gift if you have a birthday party.

33. Lely : What do you think of Jakarta?
Mia : I guess It is the more crowded town in Indonesia.

34. Dedy : What’s the matter with you? You look so worried.

Irfan : I am still worried about the general check up result. It would be announced

Dedy : Don’t worry. I hope you will be fine.

Irfan : Thank you for your support.

35. Aca : Do you think Taufik Hidayat will be the champion in the 1st

Singapore Badminton tournament?

Beno : Of course if he was more confident.
Question 36 – 50 are based on a selected of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b, c or d to each questions.

Questions number 36-37 refer to the following graphic Sales of plastic film 2000-2005.
36. When did the Sales reached a peak ?
A. 2000
B. 2003
C. 2004
D. 2005
37. Compared with the sales in 2000, in 2001 the sales increased… .
A. 100
B. 200
C. 300
D. 500
Questions 38 – 39 refer to the following price list.
Bed covers at Amarta Dept. Store
Baby bed
Single bed
Double bed
Queen bed
King bed
Rp, 800,000.00
Rp, 1,000,000.00
Rp, 1,450,000.00
Rp, 1,500,000.00
Rp, 2,000,000.00
Rp, 750,000.00
Rp, 990,000.00
Rp, 1,000,000.00
Rp, 1,250,000.00
Rp, 1,500,000.00

38. The price list tells the customers the price of … .
A. King bed
B. Queen bed
C. Bed covers
D. Double bed

39. How much is the discount for Double Bed?
A. Rp. 500,000.00
B. Rp. 450,000.00
C. Rp. 1,000,000.00
D. Rp. 1,450,000.00

Questions number 40 - 42 refer to the following advertisement
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
(Only $ 6.00 )
This for offers a behind the science of the historic site of the tenth and twenty-third modern Olympiads, and Super Bowls I and VII. It was here too that John F.K accepted the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party in 1960. Tour, Tuesday and Saturday at 10.30. A.M, 12 noon, and children under four free.
40. Which of the following event didn’t take place in L.A Memorial Coliseum?
A. The first modern Olympic Game
B. The first Super Bowl
C. The twenty third modern Olympic Game
D. Kennedy’s acceptance of the president nomination
41. How much do adult and a three-year-old child pay for this tour?
A. $2.00
B. $.4.00
C. $.6.00
D. $.8.00
42. At which following time is it possible to tour the L.A. Memorial Coliseum?
A. Monday at 10.30 A.M.
B. Tuesday at noon
C. Thursday at 12.30 P.M.
D. Sunday at 1.30 P.M.
Questions 43 – 45 refer to the following letter.
Dr. Kho Mar John
Hwa-Chemical, Inc.

Dear Dr. John
We have received your registration for our annual conference. information about hotels and transportation are found in the enclosed conference brochure.
If you need further assistance in arranging you trip, please call our conference coordinator in Hong Kong at (977) 567931.
We look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Maria Eve
Conference Reg.

43. What is the purpose of this letter?
A. to get money for the conference
B. to invite speakers to the conference
C. to make travel arrangement
D. to acknowledge conference registration
44. What is enclosed with the letter?
A. A registration form
B. A brochure about the conference
C. Tickets for the conference
D. An invitation to the conference
45. Who should Dr. John contact if he has other questions?
A. The conference coordinator
B. Swa-Inc
C. Conference registration
D. A ticket agent

Questions 46 – 48 refer to the following instructions.
Adults … 2 tablespoon full
Children: according to age:
10-14 years………………4 teaspoon full
6 -10 years…………….. 2 teaspoon full
3 - 6 years…………….. 1 teaspoon full

Repeat about dosage ever ½ hour to 1 hour if reeled until 8 doses are taken. If relief does not occur within two days consult a physician.
Shake well before using.
46. According to the instructions, what should you do before taking this medicine?
A. Mix it
B. Heat it
C. Add water to it
D. See a doctor
47. For whom would dosage of two teaspoonfuls be recommended?
A. on adult
B. a 10-14 year old child
C. a 6 to 10 year-old child
D. a 3 to 6 years old child
48. Most likely, this medicine is … .
A. a pill
B. an injection
C. a lozenge
D. a liquid

Question 49 - 50 refer to the following advertisement

Eyeshades as seen on TV
If you’re a Jet-lagged traveler or some one who needs to sleep during the day time, this eyeshades lets you nap any where, any time in total darkness.
Made of light weight plastic and soft comfortable foam padding. Completely block out even brightest light.
Item 2746 Price $22,77 each or two for $50.

49. Who would be most likely to buy this product?
A. optician
B. people who watch a lot of TV
C. office worker
D. people who work at night

50. Which of the following is true about this product?
A. Each one cost $ 22.77
B. It’s made of completely light weight plastic
C. It can be ordered only on airline flight
D. It block all but the brightest light.

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Firdaus : Are you free on Saturday afternoon?
Firman : No, … enjoy with my friends
Firdaus : Oh, Do you enjoy fishing?
Firman : sure just for vun.
A. I’m going fishing
B. I’ll go fishing
C. I have been fishing
D. I went fishing
17. Mr. Richard : Good evening, Let me introduce my guest here. His name is George Thomson. He comes from New York.
Mr. Collin : Nice to meet you.
George : …..
A. Good bye.
B. Nice to meet you too.
C. See you
D. Hello, I’m Thomson
18. Olivia : Good afternoon, I’m Olivia. I would like to ….. my flight.
Agency : Let me see, Ms. Olivia your flight number is 47. Is that right?.
Olivia : Exactly. Thank you.
Agency : ….
A. cancel-thank you
B. cancel-you’re welcome
C. confirm-thank you
D. confirm-you’re welcome
19. David : Excuse me; I’d like to reserve a ticket to Padang for tomorrow.
Agency : Certainly Sir, Do you have any preferences?
David : ….
A. I prefer staying in Padang to Medan.
B. I’d like to go to Padang by plane.
C. Yes, I’d like a window seat, please!
D. Yes. Padang is a nice city.
20. Customer : Good morning, I need two flight tickets to Makasar, please!
Travel Agency: . . .
Customer : Business class.
A. I’d like to book some tickets
B. Can I get the travel tickets.
C. What kind of tickets do you want?
D. What can I do for you, Sir?

21. Customer : Do you have any tickets available, Sir?
Agency : What kind of tickets do you want? Economy, business, or first class, Sir?
Customer : …….
Agency : Sure, A moment please!
A. It’s about Rp. 250.000 for each ticket.
B. We need a One-way ticket for two persons.
C. Round-way tickets, please!
D. First class for two persons, please!
22. Receptionist : Excuse me Mom, Could I help you?
Guest : Sure, I want to … for my friend, Hudi, a sales manager
Receptionist : Oh I see. Come this way please!
A. look
B. looked
C. am looking
D. am being looked
23. Librarian : The books have been two days overdue.
Student : I’m so sorry. I …… , but I’ll take them now. My house is not far from the school.
A. did not read them
B. put them on my bag
C. forgot to bring them
D. will bring them
24. Tomi : I really want to watch the football match at Kridosono Stadium. You know, Persis will meet PSIM this afternoon. But the tickets have been sold out.
Ari : No worries, ……….. It will be broadcasted lively in Indosiar.
A. You can still watch it in TV.
B. Why don’t you come to Kridosono soon?
C. How about buying a ticket in the ticket-box?
D. You are right. The ticket is expensive.
25. Mira : I can’t reach the lamp.
Harto : …….
Mira : Move that table here!
A. It doesn’t matter.
B. How do you know it?
C. Just take it.
D. How can I help you?

In questions 26 – 35, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A, B, C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

26. Bobby : Do you enjoy to shop in Saphire Square?
Ratna : Not really, I just go there to play bowling.

27. Luthfi : Why does Ani often come late?
Majid : she always helps her mother washing clothes before going to

28. It is difficult to learn vocabulary by memorize long lists of words. Studies
have shown that it is important to learn new words in context, that is, to learn what words mean in a sentence.
29. Arman : Do you want me to bring your beverage?
Richard : No, Don’t worry about it. I’ve got them.
30. Sandra : Are you angry to me, Len?
Lenny : Yes, I dislike your way to use my things without permission. So
return my hat back.

Sandra : I’m sorry. Here it is.

31. Travel Agency : Good morning, what can I do for you, Sir?
Traveller : I’d like to book a flight ticket to Aceh for nest Sunday.
Travel Agency : There are two flights at 10.30 am on GIA and at 2.30 pm on
Lion. Which one must you like to go with Sir?
32. Yuni : Didik, Let’s spend this weekend for fishing. I have found a good spot.
Didik : I’m sorry. I hate fish.

33. If you want to advance in your career, you will have to make some careful
decisions about what jobs you take. Evaluate a job offer for the value it has to
your career.

34. Joni : You look very happy, Intan. What has happened to you?
Intan : Look at this newspaper! My son is accepting in Gajah Mada University.
Joni : I’m happy to hear that.

35. Sinta : There’s Ungu show in Krisdosono. Did I go to see, Mom?
Mother : I’m afraid not. It will be very crowded. And it’s dangerous for a young

Questions 36 – 50 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or Dto each question.

Question 36 – 38 refer to the following notice:

Summer library hours will go into effect as of June 1. During the summer period, full library services will be available during the following hours :
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 11 A.M - 7 P.M.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2 P.M. - 10 P.M.
Sunday Closed

Books that are not overdue may be returned through the book slot 24 hours a day. Requests for materials on inter-library transfer may take up to one week to process. This schedule will be effective from June 1 through August 31.

36. How many days in a week will the library be open during the summer?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
37. When can overdue books be returned?
A. When the library is open.
B. 24 hours a day
C. Evening only
D. After a week of processing
38. When does the summer schedule end?
A. Sunday
B. August 31
C. 10 PM
D. Over the weekend

Question 39 – 41 refer to the following memo:

To : All employees
Fm : Donneta Muscillo
Safety Coordinator
Date : June 5. 2007

Sub : Fire doors,

Employee are reminded that doors designated as fire doors must stay closed at all times. The purpose of fire doors is to help direct smoke away from areas where people are working in case of a fire in the building. Even though the weather is hot and the repairs to the companyis air conditioner are not complete, keeping the fire doors open is dangerous and is not allowed.

39. What kind of memo is this?
A. A notice about new policy
B. A safety warning
C. A personnel memo
D. A reception invitation
40. What is the purpose of fire doors?
A. To keep smoke away from people
B. To provide escape routes
C. To keep fire from spreading
D. To contain heat
41. Why were employee probably keeping the fire doors open?
A. To get to a higher floor
B. To look at the view
C. To go from office to office
D. To let in cool air

Question 42 – 46 refer to the following notice:

Tools and machines can be dangerous. Any of these accidents may happen to you if you do not use them properly. Your head, eyes, feet, and hands may be injured if you do not wear safety equipment.
Safety equipment is absolutely needed to protect you for any accidents. Helmet , gloves, shoes or boots, gas mask, and visor are some safety equipment that you have to wear. They are designed to protect the workers from any accidents.
In the work place, you should wear safety equipment all the time. Your head needs protection. An unbreakable plastic helmet is used to protect your head. Goggles or a visor are used to protect your eyes. Special boots and shoes are used to protect your feet.
Each work place has its own rules for wearing safety equipment. For example: in an engineering workshop, you should always wear safety goggles or visor during work on machines.
This is because small splinters or pieces of metal can fly into eyes. When you operate the machine, you must protect yourself. Otherwise you may become the victim of a serious accident.

42. Paragraph two talks about…
A. Tools and machines are very important.
B. Tools and machines are very dangerous.
C. Our head, eyes, feet, and hands injured.
D. It is very important to wear safety equipment.
43. What must be needed to protect our body for any accident in a workplace?
A. Tools and machines.
B. Property.
C. Safety equipment.
D. Protectors.
44. The word “they” in the sentence “They are designed to protect ….” In paragraph two refers to :
A. accidents
B. workers
C. helmets and gloves
D. safety equipments.
45. The workers must wear . . . . to protect their eyes from small splinters or pieces of metal.
A. helmet
B. shoes
C. gloves
D. goggles

46. Your head, eyes, feet, and hands may be injured. The similar meaning to the word “injured” is . . .
A. hard
B. heart
C. hurt
D. handed

Question 47 – 48 refer to the following notice:

Lecture Series

By Chin Fong

International Trade in the Global Community

Sponsor : The School of Business

Benumont University

Date and Time : August 18, 19 and 20 at 07.30 p.m.

Location : Sims Lecture Hall 09

The Carmichael Building

To register, please call the center for professional



47. What is the purpose of this notice?
A. To announce a lecture series.
B. To advertise the university.
C. To announce a trade fair.
D. To recruit students.
48. Where will the event be held?
A. At the school of business.
B. In Sims Lecture Hall.
C. In the center for Professional Development.
D. In the Global Community Center.

Question 49 – 50 refer to the following notice:


To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the player to rain or moisture. To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. Do not install the appliance in a confined space, such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet.
The function selector is located at the front. When you turn on the player, the OPR/BATT indicator lights up.

49. What should you do to prevent electrical shock?
A. Don’t open the cabinet.
B. Expose the player to humidity.
C. Install the player in a bookcase.
D. Refer to qualified personnel to open the cabinet.
50. What is the meaning of “player” as written in the text?
A. Actor.
B. Athlete.
C. Operator.
D. Tape Recorder.

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Zazin : … on Saturday night?
Heru : Well, I want to attend my friend’s birthday party.
Zazin : Oh yeah, are you going alone?
Heru : Yes, I am.
A. Where would you go
B. Where are you going
C. Where will you go
D. Where did you go
17. Jojo : Mia, this is Yuda, my classmate.
Mia : Hi Yuda, I’m glad to meet you?
Yuda : Hello Mia, …
A. It’s my pleasure
B. I should say thanks.
C. I’m glad to meet you to.
D. It’s nice to see you again.
18. Arin : Look at that wood craft over there. How marvelous it is!.
Bob : Yes, I think so but …
Arin : Of course.
A. It must be costly.
B. It seems lovable
C. It looks fascinating.
D. I don’t think it is expensive.
19. Waiter : Good morning.” Takmurahi restaurant” May I help you?
Caller : …
Waiter : Sure. When is it for?
A. I’d like a room near the banquette
B. I would rather have my steak well done.
C. I‘d better choose the English breakfast.
D. Yes. I’d like to book one table for four.
20. Shopkeeper : Good afternoon, Can I help you?
Caller : I’m Risty … the gown I ordered last week. Is it available now?
Shopkeeper : We’re happy to inform you that we’ve got your order. Yellow?
Caller : Exactly.
A. I’d like to confirm
B. I should cancel
C. I’d like to reserve
D. I want to bargain

21. Receptionist : “Arjuna Travel Agent”, good afternoon?
Mr John : Afternoon. …
Receptionist : Yes, there are still some, how many do you want, Sir?
A. Could you tell me how often the bus goes to Surabaya?
B. Could you inform me the departure time, please?
C. Can you reserve me four tickets to Manado, please?
D. Could you tell me how many seats are still available to Surabaya?
22. Class captain : Attention please! Mrs Nur … the lesson.
Classmates : Ok, but we want to let her know there is a bee above her.
A. Explains
B. Is explaining
C. Was still explaining
D. Would have explained
23. Driver : Sorry Sir, we had a little trouble on the way. A car hit our lorry from the back but there
was nothing serious.
Manager : Did it ? When did it happen?
Driver : …
A. It is around one in the afternoon.
B. I’ll have been ready to leave for the next destination.
C. At the time we are going to have lunch
D. When we were unloading the goods in front of a shop near the Solo street
24. Jack : Tomorrow will be dad’s birthday. I want to buy him something for his
birthday present. But, I haven’t decided what to buy.
Jill : … ? He can wear it on your graduation next week.
Jack : Hmm, let me think about it.
A. What is his favorite
B. How about batik shirt
C. Why not ask him what he wants
D. Why don’t you go to the shopping mall
25. Shanti : Have you finished taking the pictures of Prambanan temple?
Dhani : Not yet. I’m still confused how to operate this digital camera.
Shanti : Let me help you, …
A. This Digicam is very easy to operate
B. Finally, choose the exit button to quit
C. You need to read the manual carefully or ask a friend to train you.
D. First open the LCD panel, it will on automatically, then press the picture shutter button to capture the images.

Question 26 - 35 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words/phrases are marked A, B, C, and D. You have to identify the underlined words/phrases that should be corrected.

26. Joko : How was the test yesterday?
Rudi : It was strictly monitored to avoid to cheat during the test.

27. Marsha : You study in a Vocational School. What do you want to be?
Salma : Unlike my father who is a journalist, I want to be a sculptor ,
One who keeps and examines business account. That’s why I take
Accounting Department.
28. John : Dewi, did you hear the announcement ? What was it?
Dewi : It announced that the person whom lost a briefcase should come to the
Lost and Found Department.

29. Customer : I want reserve four seats to Surabaya for next Saturday
Receptionist : Certainly, madam. By morning or afternoon bus?
Customer : Morning please. What time does the bus leave for Surabaya?
30. Guest : I wonder if you could do me a favor.
Room Boy : Sure, what’s the matter?
Guest : The air conditioner in my room is out from order again.
Can you have someone fix it before noon?
31. Stranger : Sorry to bother you, but may you show where the principal
room is?
Student : Yes, Sir. Just enter the main office, there will be a receptionist
ready to help you.

32. Buyung : Togar, this math exercise is very difficult, can you help me?
Togar : No. I’m watching the cartoon film. You must try it again.
Buyung : I’ve tried many time, but I can’t
Mother : Togar, You must helped your brother,
33. Brian : How much was your allowance when you were in Junior High School?
Teddy : Rp 3000; but now mother gives me the more because I take a
bus to school.

Brian : My mom does the same, the bus fare is getting higher, and the food
in cafeteria is getting more expensive.

34. Tatang : Lebaran cards are provided at Galeria mall.
Febi : Where in? Any discount for them?

Tatang : Of course. They are selling 50% off and nicely designed also. Hurry up,
It’ll be crowded with the last shoppers the day before Lebaran

35. Wulan : How did you go to Semarang?
Edi : I was going to take an air conditioned bus but it was too expensive
because I took an economy class.
Questions 36 - 50 are based on a selection of reading MATERIALS. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 36 - 38 refer to the following advertisement

Urgently Required

Finance & Accounting Assistant/Manager
Male/female max 40 years old
S1 graduated from reputable University/accounting department
Having at least 5 years experience in finance & accounting
Able to prepare financial statements
Computer literate
Fluent in English both oral and written
Willing to be placed in Sumatera

If you meet the requirements, please send your application along with CV, copies of certificates and a recent photograph within 10 days to M.S. PO BOX YKS 12043 /code FA or by email to Caremin@cbn.net.id

36. The following are the requirements stated in the advertisement, except ….
A. Good at traveling
B. Able to operate computer
C. Able to speak and write in English
D. Good at reporting financial statements
37. .. a recent photograph within 14 days to.. (Second paragraph line 2)
What does within 14 days mean?
A. After 2 weeks
B. Before a week
C. Only at the 14 day after the ad is issued
D. Until the 14 day the ad is issued
38. Who would probably read the above text?
A. Students
B. Job seeker
C. Government officer
D. Human Resources Manager

Question number 39 – 41 refer to the following letter
Tangerang, 10/3/2007

To whom it may concern,
I am an American English Teacher at King’s English & Education Center in Tangerang, and I have been working with David Paul Patrashek since he arrived at King’s EEC in October 2003. During this time, he has taught a wide range of classes, from beginning students to conversation classes, children to company workers, and he has proven himself to be a very capable teacher of ESL. He is currently seeking a position in another city, in the hope that he can pursue other interests not available to him in Tangerang. Based on his performance at King’s EEC, it is my opinion that Mr Patrashek would be an asset to any learning institution.

Yours faithfully

Collen Calvey

39. What kind of letter is it?
A. Application letter
B. Compliment letter
C. Reference letter
D. Business letter
40. I have been working with David Paul… (Second line of the letter)
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. Collen Calvey
B. Mr. Patrashelk
C. David Paul
D. King’s EEC
41. When was the letter written?
A. October,3 2003
B. March, 10 2007
C. October,10 2007
D. March, 3 2003
Question number 42 – 44 refer to the following advertisement
Please call us at 1-800-453-9107
to make your reservation today!
Deposit for Grand Canyon trips: A $300 per person deposit is due within 10 days of making your reservation. If deposit is not received within 10 days, reservations are cancelled.
Deposit for Cataract Canyon & Salmon River Trips: $200 deposit per person deposit is due within 10 days of making your reservation. If deposit is not received within 10 days, reservations are cancelled.
Final Payment: Your balance is due 90 days prior to departure. Reservations made less than 90 days prior to departure require full payment at booking.
Cancellations: A minimum $300 cancellation fee will be assessed for all cancellations. Cancellations received between 60 and 31 days prior to departure forfeit one half the tour cost. Cancellations between 30 days and the day of your trip lose the entire tour cost. No shows lose entire tour cost.
We are firm with this policy and suggest you purchase cancellation insurance. This will help reimburse you in the event of illness or other unforeseen reasons for cancellation.
This policy applies per person.

42. What does the above advertisement offer?
A. Bank deposit
B. Tour reservation
C. Insurance
D. Hotel reservation at Grand canyon

43. What is not true according to the text above?
A. Cancellation insurance is suggested to buy
B. Customer can make deposit 2 weeks after reservation
C. Customer must have paid full payment 3 months before departure
D. Deposit to grand canyon is more expensive than to Cataract canyon
44. Cancellations between 30 days and the day of your trip lose the entire tour cost (line 10).
What does that mean?
A. Customer will get 50% refund
B. Customer will get 100 % refund
C. Customer will get 25% refund
D. Customer will get 0% refund

Question number 45 – 47 refer to the following safety information
DiViCAM 525D
Refer to the following information to use your product safely, and to reduce the chance of electric shock, short circuiting, damage, fire or other hazards.
Do not dismantle or attempt to repair this product, battery or power adapter. Refer all servicing to Creative or authorized repair agents.
Do not expose this product or battery to temperatures outside the range of 0 to 45 C
Do not crush or set fire to this product or battery
Keep it away from strongly magnetic objects
Do not expose to water or moisture
Do not listen to audio at high volume for prolonged period of time
If there is leakage, an offensive odor, discoloration or deformation during charging or use, remove the battery and do not use it again.
Copyright ©2006 Creative Technology Ltd.

45. What might be good temperature to keep DiViCAM 525D?
A. Under 0 C
B. Above 45 C
C. At 32 C
D. At 52 C
46. What should the customer do if there is damage in DiViCAM 525D?
A. Bring to any repair agent
B. Try to repair by yourself
C. Contact Creative
D. Do not use again
47. What is the socio-function of this text?
A. To persuade
B. To give information
C. To instruct
D. To give the description of a product

Question number 48 – 50 refer to the following graph
48. How many workers went to Arabic in 2004?
A. 2500
B. 1750
C. 1900
D. 1500

49. When is the greatest number of workers going to Arabic?
A. In 2005
B. In 2007
C. In 2002
D. In 2003

50. In 2005 and 2006, Indonesia had … sum workers going to Arabic.
A. more
B. less
C. similar
D. different


Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Ani : What the new government policy related to the Elementary School?
Budi : Well, ………so we need more English teacher
a. English would teach
b. English will be taught
c. English will be teach
d. English will be teaching
17. Mr. Agus : Good morning, Sandra.
Sandra : Good morning, Sir. Here is Mr. Anto, our new staff.
Mr. Anto : Good morning, Mr. Agus. I am really glad to see you.
Mr. Agus : Good morning Anto, …….
a. How do you do?
b. How are you?
c. Nice to meet you, too.
d. I am fine.
18. A : The girl singing on the stage looks like Agnes?
B : Yes, you’re right, but ……
A : Yes, Agnes is not so slim.
a. She is fat
b. She is big
c. She looks so tall
d. She is thin
19 . Receptionist : Can I help you, Sir?
Guest : Yes, I’d like to reserve a double room for 2 days.
Receptionist : …….
Guest : Clark Ken.
a. May I help you?
b. All right sir. Here is your room key.
c. May I have your name, please?
d. Can I have your phone number?
20. Miss Tania : Could I make a reservation for my traveling to Kalimantan?
Travel agent : …………….. all the seats have been reserved.
a. Yes, certainly
b. Sorry, I’m afraid
c. Okay
d. All right.

21. Paul : Have you got a pen?
Terry : Yes.
Paul : …………..
Terry : Certainly.
a. What do you want me to do?
b. Can I borrow it, please?
c. May I help you?
d. Do you like it?
22. Mother : Don’t speak too loudly. The baby …………
Son : All right.
a. is sleeping
b. is being
c. sleep
d. sleeps
23. Andi : How was your weekend, Santi? What did you do?
Santi : It was great. I …….. to ‘Taman Pintar’ Yogyakarta and read some books.
a. go
b. will go
c. went
d. am going
24. Sinta : I can’t see the sentences on the whiteboard clearly.
Santi : …………….
Sinta : Good idea.
a. You’d better sit in front.
b. Will you explain it, clearly?
c. You should go to an optician.
d. How about going out for fresh air?
25. Rustam : ………………?
Amin : Please, move the table over there.
a. Can I help you?
b. What can I do for you?
c. May I help you?
d. Must I help you?

For questions 26 to 35, which of the underlined words is NOT correct?

26. Yulia : Can you accompany me to attend the wedding party?
Andi : Sure, I will, if I have finished to do my job.

27. Tina : What do your parents do ?
Tini : My parents are farmers. They planted corn and keep cows.

28. I have read a novel whose was written by Hamka.

29. Receptionist 1 : New customers will arrive at our restaurant soon.
Receptionist 2 : Do you know their exact arriving?

30. Anna : Have you heard the news about Taufiq Savalas?
Fitri : Yes. He passed on yesterday.
Anna : It’s so bad. His children are still young.

31. Ovix : Son, you spend much money on cigarettes
Will you give to smoke.
Sony: I am trying to but still hard

32. Cindy : Oh, my God! I forgot it! It’s time to swimming with my brother this afternoon.
Come with me, please?

Togar : I’d love it! It’s sounds interesting!

33. Tono is eighteen years old. Andi is seventeen years old and so is Rudi. Andi is as old as
Rudi but Tono is the older boy.

34. Rudi : Susi, ……Do you know how many chairs we need?
Susi : Sorry, Rudi. …… Iwan doesn’t tell me how may guests are invite to the party.

35. Anto : I think our country will be very prosperous and peaceful if all the citizen
worked hard and help one another.
Bowo : No wonder.

Questions 36, 37, and 38 refer to the following article.

Bird flu reports spreading in Asia
POSTED 12:27 a.m. EST, January 16, 2007

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) – An Indonesian hospital was on Monday overwhelmed with patients suffering bird flu symptoms while the virus spread further among flocks in Vietnam and flared anew in Thailand. A recent spurt of human infection with the H5N1 bird flu virus, which re-emerged in Asia in late 2003, has alarmed health officials.

Four Indonesians have died this year after a six-week lull in cases, taking the number of people killed by bird flu in the country to 61, the highest in the world. At Jakarta’s Persahabatan hospital, where doctors were treating 9 people with bird flu symptoms, including a 5-year old girl in intensive care, its isolation wards were overwhelmed. “If we get more patients, we will send them to Sulianti Saroso,” Muchtar Ichsan, the head of the bird flu ward, told Reuters, referring the country’s main bird flu treatment centre in North Jakarta. The patients included the son and husband of a woman who died of bird flu last week. The 18-year-old son has been con firmed to have the disease, although tests so far on the husband show he does not the virus.

In a bid to stem the spread of the virus, Indonesia plans to prohibit people from keeping backyard fowl in three high-risk provinces.

36. Who issued the news above?
a. Persahabatan hospital
b. Reuter (Jakarta)
c. Jakarta’s Associated press
d. National newspaper
37. What does Indonesia plan to reduce the spread of bird flu virus?
a. Prohibit foreigner to come to Indonesia.
b. To kill all poultry throughout Indonesia.
c. To ban people from keeping poultry in certain high risk provinces.
d. To treat the injured fowl.
38. “If we get more patients, we will send them to Sulianto Saroso.”
What does the underlined word refer to?
a. Doctors Persahabatan hospital
b. The coming patients at Persahabatan hospital
c. Patients at Sulianti Suroso hospital
d. Nine patients

Questions 39, and 40 refer to the following article.
Cellular telephones work by transmitting radio signals to cellular towers. These towers vary in their capability to receive cellular telephone signals. Some towers can receive signals from distances of only 1.5 to 2.4 km 91.0 to 1.5 mi), while others can receive signals from distances as far as 48 to 56 km (30 to 35 mi). the area a tower can cover is referred to as a cell. However, more than one tower may exist in a given cell area. The cells overlap so that the system can handle increased telephone traffic volume. The towers within these cells are networked to a central switching station, usuaally by wire, fiber-optic cable, or microwave. The central switching station handling cellular calls in a given area is directed connected to the wire-based telephone system. Cellulars are picked up by the towers and relayed to another cell telephone user or to a user of the conventional wire-based telephone network. Since the cells overlap, as a mobile caller moves from one cell into another, the towers “hand off” the call so communication is uninterrupted.

39. What might be suitable title for the text above?
a. Cellular phones
b. How does cellular phone work?
c. Radio signals
d. Cellular
40. Why are many towers built in a certain area?
a. To receive signal from 1.5 to 2.4 km
b. To create a jam in receiving signal
c. To increase telephone traffic volume
d. To receive signals from distances as far as 45 to 56 km
Questions 41, 42, 43, and 44 refer to the following advertisement.

Family Skin Treatment

A human network organization in the line of skin treatment is looking for a young potential professional to join and fill in the position as

“Marketing officer”
With the qualifications:
University degree
Not older than 30 years old
Independent and hard working
Willing to travel through Indonesia
Minimum of one year’s experience in marketing

Please submit details with curriculum vitae and recent photograph to:

Personnel Manager
P.O. Box 2402 Balikpapan 76212

41. What new position does the company need?
a. A university graduate
b. A young man
c. A young professional
d. A marketing officer
42. How many years must an applicant have a minimum experience?
a. One year
b. Two years
c. Three years
d. Four years

43. What is the synonym of “professional”?
a. Highly skilled
b. Occupied
c. Special
d. Complete
44. What does Hiroshi Company offer us?
a. Network organization
b. Skin treatment
c. Good experience
d. Beauty parlour

Questions 45 and 46 refer to the following chart.

Chart of students hobbies at SMK Muh. 2 Bantul. There are 200 students.
Reading, 30%
Writing, 20%
Collecting stamps,
Playing football,

45. What hobby do the most students like?
a. Writing
b. Collecting stamps
c. Playing football
d. Reading
46. How many students like collecting stamps?
a. 20
b. 40
c. 60
d. 80

Questions 47, 48, 49, and 50 refer to the following letter.

World travel Tours
32 Palm Tree Boulevard
Playa del Coco, Florida

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Thomas
78 Putnam Street
River City, New York

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,
Thank you for joining the World Travel tour to Emerald Island. We look forward to seeing you at the Ocean Breezes Hotel on April 2nd. At your request we have reserved for you an ocean view room with twin beds. Please notify hotel staff in advance of your arrival if you wish to make any changes in this arrangement.

When you check in at the hotel, mention that you are a participant in the World Travel tour and the staff will inform the tour leader of your arrival. Tour participants will gather in the Ocean Breezes restaurant at 6:30 for dinner and a chance to meet each other. A complete itinerary for the tour will be distributed at that time. The tour leader will explain the tour activities and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Your hotel room and three meals a day at the hotel restaurant are included in the price of the tour. The cost of transportation between the airport and the hotel will be paid by the individual participants. I have enclosed some informational brochures that may be of interest to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

George Harris

George Harris
Assistant Director of Tours

Encl. Emerald Island Airport Shuttle Schedule
Your Guide to Emerald Island

47. When should Mr. and Mrs. Thomas tell the hotel if they want to change their room reservation?
a. As soon as they arrive at the hotel.
b. When the tour leader arrives at the hotel.
c. Before they arrive at the hotel.
d. After all the tour participants have arrived at the hotel.
48. When will Mr. and Mrs. Thomas find out the complete tour schedule?
a. It is enclosed with the letter.
b. During dinner at the hotel restaurant.
c. When they check in at the hotel.
d. They already know it.
49. Where is the World Travel Tours agency located?
a. At the Ocean Breezes Hotel
b. On Emerald Island
c. In New York
d. In Florida
50. Who wrote the letter?
a. A tour participant
b. A travel agency employee
c. A hotel employee
d. The tour leader


Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Felix : Clara, …………… on Saturday night?
Clara : I want to see a new film at Valencia.
Felix : Oh, Yeah. I saw it last week. It was great.
A. what did you do
B. What have you done
C. What would you do
D. what are you going to do
2. Nana : Hallo, Nuno, How are you?
Nuno : I am fine, Na. This is my niece Nani.
Nana : Hi, Nani you look so familiar…………………..
Nani : Nice to meet you, too.
A. How do you do ?
B. Have we met before ?
C. How are you?
D. Nice to meet you.
3. Amir : I like enjoying sunrise. It’s very ……………………
Bardi : I think so.
A. It is fantastic
B. It’s funny
C. it’s cold
D. it’s borring
4. Receptionist : Puri Dewantara hotel. Can I help you ?
Mr. Raymon : Can I book a double room for weekend ?
Receptionist : I.m sorry, sir. ….. There is no room left.
A. We’re fully booked
B. we can not accept your order
C. we are not ready yet
D. we can’t prepare it for you
5. Caller : Could I make a reservation for dinner tonight?
Receptionist : I’m afraid, I can’t……………………..
A. All tables have been reserved
B. All tickets have been sold
C. All rooms have been booked
D. All menus have been ordered.

6. Fruit seller : Good morning. Can I help you, madam?
Mrs. Umi : ………………….. for tomorrow.
Fruit seller : Certainly, madam.
A. Yes, I would like you help me.
B. I need a nice orange juice.
C. I would like to reserve a room besides of the mangoe tree.
D. I would like to reserve 2 kg of oranges, 2 kg of apples, and 3 kg of mangoes.
7. Tono : Hi , Anto. I want to meet Mr.Randi. have you seen him?
Anto : Yes, He ………. a newspaper in his room.
A. was reading
B. is reading
C. has read
D. reads
8. Ridwan : You look so sleepy. Why don’t you go to bed?
Rinto : Yap, I ………………………….. until 3 last night.
Ridwan : You’d better sleep then.
A. am studying English
B. will take a speech
C. wrote my training report
D. have written some application letters
9. Betty : In……….. English, practice is one of the most important part.
Dana : That’s right, because practice make up perfect.
A. learning
B. to learn
C. learn
D. learned
10. Agus : Why doesn’t my motorcycle work ?
Rudi : I’m sorry Gus, I haven’t done it yet. I don’t know……………….?
Can you show me, Doni?
Doni : Certainly, but not now
A. how to repair motorcycle
B. how to ride motorcycle
C. how to change motorcycle
D. how to move motorcycle

In questions 11- 20 , each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C,D . You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11. Dea : Would you mind to explain how to take out the flash disk?
Ayu : Well, this is windows 98, right clock my computer icon, click explore,

right click the removable disk and click eject. Now it’s safe to take it
Dea ; Thanks. Let me try to take it out myself.

12. Prof.Dendy, accompanied by three of his students, are attending a conference

In Tokyo organized to compare current business practices in Japan with those of

others countries.

13. Petroleum resources are not renewable that’s why geologists conduct exploration
who is done in Sumatra.

14. Man : Are you ready to order meal ?
Woman : Not yet, I’m confusing to choose the menu.
Man : The special menu is crispy fried chicken. Would you like to try it?

15. Ahmad : What does a sailing boat differ from a ship?

Husen : I think the former doesn’t have an engine. So it depends at the wind
but the later has.

16. Car owner : Have you finished repairing the car yet?
Mechanic : No, not yet. The battery is being charged. I clean the spark

plugs an hour ago. If it doesn’t start yet. I’ll change them.
Car owner : Can I wait or should I leave it again?

17. Ari : I would like go on sightseeing this afternoon.
What about you Vina? Will you accompany me?
Vina : Yes, sure. What time shall we go ?

18. Kenny : It is so boring , Why can’t Daddy come to my show ?
Mother : He would come if he can. His boss asked your daddy to finish his job
this afternoon.

19. Anto : Which is hotter, Jakarta or Surabaya?
Iwan : Jakarta is as hotter as Surabaya. Both are densely populated

20. Mother : You have to buy new shoes, son. Your old shoes need changing.
Here is the money to buy.
Son : Thank you, Mom. I will bought the new one tomorrow.

Questions 21-35 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 21 to 22 based on this memo

To : J. Wilson
Engineering Department
From : Marcello Palombo
Date : 23rd August 2007
Sub : Elena Kuzikov, Ukrainan Engineer.

Dr. Elena Kuzikov will be visiting our company on Monday , 27th of August . I would like you to prepare a program for her. She will arrive in the morning before noon. Please start with lunch in the cafeteria and then show her your department. Like you, she has done research on the effects of earthquakes on bridge construction.
21. Who will be the visitor’s guide ?
A. J.Wilson
B. Elena Kuzikov
C. Marcello Palombo
D. Ukranian Engineer
22. When will Dr.Elena Kuzikov arrive?
A. Before 12.00
B. At noo
C. After lunch
D. In the evening

Questions 23 -25 based on this letter
Guy Williams Garden By Hok
Landscape Design Magazine PO BOX 687
Ottho Heldring straat 2 1066 Az Amsterdam 1103 Lisbon, Portugal
The Netherlands September,16th,2006

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for sending the advertising information. We have decided not to place an ad in the December issue, but we will consider placing one in the next issue in March. We will be in touch. Again thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Sov. Hok
Landscape Architecture.

23. What would Sov Hok be more concered?
A. designing skyscraper
B. designing garden
C. selling advertising
D. visiting Amsterdam
24. Why did Mr. Sov Hok write this letter ?
A. To ask Mr. Williams for a subscription
B. To get a job
C. To place an ad in December
D. To say he wasn’t interested in placing an ad now.
25. How often is the magazine published ?
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Bi-monthly
D. Quarterly
Questions 26- 28 refer to the following notice

Lecture series
By Chin Fong
International trade in the Global Community
Sponsor : The school of business
Beaumont University
Date and Time : March 18th – 20th at 7.30 P.M
Location : Sims lecture hall 09 the Carmichael Building.
To register, Please call the center for professional Development 953-2703
26. What is this purpose of this notice?
A. to announce a lecture series
B. to advertise the University
C. to announce a trade fair
D. to recruit students
27. Where will the event be held?
A. at the school of business
B. in Sims lecture hall
C. in the series for professional development
D. in the Global Community Center
28. How can we call to register?
A. please contact 954-2803
B. 951-2401
C. you can call 953-2703
D. call me on 952-2602

Questions 29 to 31 refer to following flight schedule.

Flight Schedule from Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta

Flight No
Arrival Time


29. What is listed above?
A. Air flight schedule
B. Train schedule
C. Shipping Schedule
D. Bus schedule

30. What time does the plane for Bandung leave?
A. 05.51
B. 10.54
C. 11.40
D. 13.00

31. How long does it take from Yogyakarta to Surabaya ?
A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 40 minutes
D. 45 minutes

Questions 32- 35 refer to following advertisement.

32. What the advertisement is about ?
A. designer wear
B. electronic item
C. something for anyone
D. electronic and women’s needs

33. How long is the carnival ?
A. start at 16th June 2007
B. until 2nd September 2007
C. more or less two and a half months
D. in two weeks

34. Where can you call the organizer of the carnival?
A. 603-26916122
B. 603-26981022
C. 603-26981033
D. 603-26916133

35. Grab the the opportunity to enjoy ……
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. choice
B. chance
C. chorus
D. caution
Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Fery : What is your vacation plan?
Rifky : I …… weeks in Bali island.
Fery : Have a nice vacation.
A. will spend
B. will spending.
C. am going to spend .
D.am going to spent
2. Bambang : Let me ……. myself. I'm Bambang.
Johan : Hi Bambang.
A. introduce
B. introducing
C. to introduce
D. introduction
3. Amelia is smart, diligent, and she is ……. to her classmates.
A. nice
B. good
C. lovely
D. kind
4. Waiter : Mang Engking Restaurant, Good afternoon. May I help you?
Guest : Yes. May I reserve a table for five?
Waiter : …….
Guest : Oh, it doesn't matter.
A. Yes, you're welcome.
B. Okay, thank you.
C. Sorry Sir, we have no table available this afternoon.
D. Yes, we're fully booked till the end of this week.
5. Waiter : Excuse me, here is the menu.
Rima : Yes, thanks. I …… a bowl of Soto and a glass of orange juice.
Waiter : Sure, your order will be ready in five minutes
A. pass me
B. want to make
C. make me
D. want to order
6. Mr. Kas : Andi!
Andi : Yes, Dad.
Mr. Kas : ………
Andi : Oh, sorry. I'll turn it down.
A. The radio is so loud. It’s noisy.
B. Can you do another activity?
C. Turn on the van, please!
D. Do you want to study for tomorrow?

7. Noni : Listen! Somebody …..
Rio : You're right. I can hear his tip-toe.
A. are coming
B. are coming
C. is come
D. will come
8. Manager : You have a good job experience at Batam. Where did you work?
Applicant : ……..
A. I worked at Vetco Gray Company.
B. I will be working at Vetco Gray Company.
C. I work at Vetco Gray Company now.
D. I have been working at Vetco Gray Company at that time.
9. Mike : I need some medicines. Do you know where I can get them?
Charley : Yes, …… next to the Kartika hotel.

A. you should stay there
B. we can buy it in the bookstore
C. you should go to the drugstore
D. you should take the medicine
10. John : Do you know ……..?
Bob : I personally don't know.
John : He has to come at 7.00 a.m.
A. why does he always come late
B. why does he always late
C. why he always comes late
D. why he always come late

In questions 11- 20 , each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C,D . You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11. Rini : Mom, where is Dady? I need some money for buy textbooks.
Mother : He is still in his office. He told me he would work overnight.
12. Man : What does your mother do?
Boy : She's a nurse. She assisted the doctor and cares for the patients.
13. Meti : Look! How clean the restaurant is.
Meta : Yes, you are right. This is the restaurant what I met my boyfriend at
the first time.

14. Receptionist : Hello, can I help you?

Customer : I would like to speaking to Mr. John.
Receptionist : Sorry. He isn't in. He has just gone out.
Customer : Can I leave a message?
15. All flights to and from Polonia Airport, Medan today are cancelled due of the bad
weather and smoggy air.
16. Tina : I left my wallet here this morning, but I must not find it here now.
Ani : It's better you look for it in the other room.
17. Sinta : You bought a T-shirt yesterday? Can you show me?
Doni : Yes, I will. This one is for you.

18. Bayu: what do you think of the film you watched last night?
Sugeng: Hem… fantastic. It’s the more interesting one I have ever seen.

19. Customer : Could I have two tickets for the 9 p.m. show?
Ticket counter : I'm really sorry, Sir. We haven't got any ticket left. They sell out.
20. Tiara : Is the weather in New York warm in December than that in Bali?
Jimmy : No, Bali is much hotter. It's great for sunbathing. I enjoy there.

Questions 21-23 refer to the following advertisement.

Advance Advertising (LAGOS) is looking for a bright lively person who will be willing to help out in busy agency. One day you may be in the post-room, the next delivering urgent parcels, or helping out Director fix an appointment. You will be busy and have to work late or on weekends but you will get a lot of experience in a small agency. Interested? Then call us 0284-323564 or 0284-321386, and ask for Fahima in personnel.

21. Who is this advertisement written for?
A. Distributors
B. Sales Representatives
C. Manufacturers
D. Fresh Applicants
22. How much is the salary?
A. It's about $ 100 a month
B. It's about $ 100 a week
C. It's not enough
D. It's not mentioned
23. What could be the disadvantage in working for the advertising company?
A. Having holiday
B. Small company
C. Stay in business long
D. Few work

Questions 24-26 refer to the following index.

Please call 684-5555 and the tone press your option.
Change billing address
Dispute fees
General fee information
How to make payment
Have not received monthly bill

24. What is the index designed to show?
A. Numbers of calls received
B. Customers call records
C. Information available
D. Amount of customer bill
25. What type of service is provided by the most lines?
A. Information about addresses
B. Area of dispute
C. Updates on service option
D. Information about money and bills
26. Who would meet likely use option 1?
A. New customers
B. People with a complaint
C. People who have moved
D. Customers with poor ratings
Questions 27-29 refer to the following letter.
Johor Street 65
Kuala Lumpur

May 29th 2007

Jl. Gajahan no. 212
Jawa Tengah

Dear Madam,
Would you please send us your new Batik design and price list quoting f.o.b. prices, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Abdillah Toha

27. What does the letter contain?
A. Selling batik design and price list
B. Asking batik design and price list
C. Designing batik
D. Changing batik and price list
28. What does f.o.b. stand for?
A. Free on board
B. Free of board
C. Fire on board
D. Fire of board
29. Abdillah Toha is
A. Director of Batik Sutra Tradisional
B. Director of Batik Design
C. Director of Johor Batik Ltd.
D. Director of f.o.b.

Questions 30-31 refer to the following agenda.
09.00 – 09.10
Opening Address
09.10 – 10.15
Staff Evaluation on Productivity
HRD Manager
10.15 – 10.45
Follow up for Improvement
10.45 – 11.10
Closing Address

30. What is the main topic of the meeting?
A. Evaluating HRD Manager
B. Improving the quality of the HRD Manager
C. Evaluating the staff's productivity
D. Following up the evaluation

31. How long does the meeting last?
A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours

Questions no 32-35 refer to the following report.

Maluku police chief removed over RMS flag incident

JAKARTA (JP): Observers welcomed the dismissal of Maluku's provincial police chief following the recent flag-waving incident by a separatist group in Ambon. They said it was an appropriate measure but called also for the removal of security officials responsible for the incident. The National Police confirmed Monday the dismissal of Insp. Gen. Guntur Gatot Setiawan as Maluku provincial police chief. He would be replaced by Insp. Gen. Guntur Ariyadi who currently serves as the National Police chief's deputy for operational affairs, the police said. "The National Police did the right thing by discharging the Maluku police chief and we should appreciate that," legislator Yuddy Chrisnandi from the House of Representatives' Commission I overseeing information, defense and foreign affairs, told The Jakarta Post on Monday. He said the dismissal was a form of disciplinary action the police chief had to take, even though the dismissed police chief was not personally at fault.(Desy Nurhayati)
The Jakarta Post, July 17, 2007

32. Who will replace Insp. Gen. Guntur Gatot Setiawan?
A. Insp. Gen. Guntur Ariyadi
B. National Police Chief
C. Police Chief
D. Maluku's provincial police chief
34. Who did the RMS flag incident?
A. Maluku people
B. a separatist group in Ambon
C. Ambon group
D. observers
35. Who is Yuddy Chrisnandi?
A. observer
B. reader
C. writer
D. member of Commission I

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Rizal : What’s your plan for next year?
Anto : ----------------------
A. I am going to continue my study at university
B. I will to go abroad
C. I will looking for a job
D. I would meet my cousin
2. Anton : Hi, Budi. Glad to meet you here.
Budi : Hello, Anton, I’m happy to meet you, too. By the way, I’d like you to meet my brother,
Jonah. Jonah, this is Anton, my classmate.
Jonah : ----------------------- ?
Anton : How do you do? Nice to meet you.
A. See you
B. How do you do
C. Good bye
D. Be seeing you
3. Arini : I have never met your brother. What is he like? Is he tall like your father?
Isna : He is tall but ---- like my father.
Arini : I see, your father is that big.
A. he is short
B. he is so tall
C. he is not fat
D. he is not so thin
4. Toni : Dear, have you booked a plane ticket to Jakarta?
Lisa : No, --------------------
A. the ticket is too expensive.
B. the ticket is expensive enough
C. the ticket is too cheap
D. the ticket is not expensive enough
5. Receptionist : Good morning. What can I do for you, Madam?
Linda : I’d like to book a single room for two nights, please.
Receptionist : All right. May I have your name, please?
Linda : Linda Amanda
Where did the dialogue take place?
A. in a library
B. in a supermarket
C. In a hotel
D. in a travel agency

6. Waiter : Good evening. What would you like to have for dinner, ma’am?
Luisa : Let me see, well, --------------------
Waiter : Anything else?
A. we would like to offer you special menu
B. Beef steak and lemon juice, please.
C. are you ready to order?
D. the beverages are on sale tonight
7. Shop assistant : This watch is moderately cheap. You can’t find it at the same price
at other shops.
Customer : I know, but I ----------- for an antique one.
A. look
B. will look
C. looked
D. am looking
8. George : Do you know the novel ------- I bought yesterday? The story is so amusing.
Tom : Lend it to me after you finish reading it, then.
A. who
B. what
C. whose
D. which
9. Robert : What’s wrong with this machine? It isn’t working. I’ve spent an hour trying to start it.
Benny : --------------------
A. Sorry, I didn’t use it
B. Why don’t you read the manual?
C. How about calling an optician?
D. Let’s try to break it down
10. Susy : What a hot day! I bet, you must be very thirsty.
Adel : Yes, you are right.
Susy : ---------------------------
Adel : Sure. Fresh cold water will be nice. Thank you.
A. Let me ride you home
B. Would you care something to drink?
C. Do you want to have it now?
D. Would you like to get me a glass of water, please?

In questions 11- 20 , each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C,D . You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.
11. Rizky : What are you going to take, business management or accounting?
Iqbal : Well, I think I prefer accounting than business management. How about B
Rizky : I am much more interested in Art.

12. Berna : Look! The man tried to climb up the tower.
Stevi : It will be very dangerous for him. The tower is very high.

13. Coky : Who is Ismail Marzuki ?

Pram : He is one of Indonesia’s great music composers. One of his compositions
who is very famous is Rayuan Pulau Kelapa.

14. Mr. Kent : What time will you arrive home, John?
John : I will leave the office early tomorrow. Perhaps I will be home on 7 pm.

15. Tere : Why do you come late this morning?
Leny : I was trapped in a traffic jam for almost an hour. It was terrible!

16. Iwan : Will you to join the Junior tennis competition next Sunday?
Sunu : I’m afraid I cannot manage it. My cousin is coming next Sunday.

17. Lusi : Who was awarded the better female singer in the Panasonic award?
Seira : Agnes Monica. She deserved it. So far, she is one of outstanding female
singers in Indonesia, I think

18. Dino : Fan, have you got the latest BOLA magazine? I want to see the schedule
of the final match between Manchester United and Chelsea.
. B C
Irfan : It is Thursday today. Bola magazine is deliver on Fridays.

19. Deti : Do you think Chika will come to the farewell party tonight?
Retta : I think so. She would tell me if she can’t come.

20. Romeo : Why didn’t you bring the camera with you when you were in Bandung?
Leo : I would have brought my camera if I knew that the view was so nice

TANGERANG: Police have arrested four people for allegedly possessing counterfeit money, confiscating fake U.S. dollar and rupiah bank notes worth Rp. 1 billion.
The arrests were made during a routine drug and weapons check on Jl. Raya Mauk, Tangerang on Sunday morning, reported news portal Tempointeraktif. Tangerang police chief Tony Harmanto confirmed the arrests.
(Taken from Jakarta Post, July 4, 2007)

21. What is the text about?
A. men caught for robbery
B. men caught for bribery
C. men caught for faked banknotes
D. men caught for pickpocketing
22. Where were the men when the police arrested them?
A. in Tangerang
B. in a car
C. in a police station
D. in the USA

1 July 2007 until 31 July 2007
A festival that will portray the beauty and variety
of cultures, arts and traditions from various ethnic
for domestic and International ceremony

Kuala Lumpur
Telp: 605-2612 764 / 2612 7648
Fax: 603-2694 7157
Email: hidayatul@heritage.gov.my
Website: www.heritage.gov.my
Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malay

(Taken from The Jakarta Post 22 July 2007)

23. What is being advertised?
A. Festival on Kuala Lumpur culture
B. Cultural ceremony
C. ethnic clothes
D. event organizer in Malaysia
24. How long did the festival last?
A. on 1 July 2007
B. a month
C. 30 days
D. the end of July
25. Who organized the festival?
A. Malay Government
B. Festival Committee
C. International ceremony
D. The ministry of culture, arts and Heritage Malay

In Indonesia, river boarding was made popular in May this year by Rahim A.B.S., the owner of an outdoor equipment shop in Cigadung, Bandung, West Java.
With the support of his colleagues, he made 10 boards and used them on the Citarum and Palayangan rivers, both known in Bandung for their powerful currents.
Today, people are increasingly showing up to enjoy the “new sport” every Sunday. Lifeguards are on hand to help anyone who gets into difficulties.
Before jumping into the river, people have to wear a safety helmet, life vest and fins.
People seem to have taken to it like ducks to water.
(Taken from The Jakarta Post, July 22, 2007)

26. What is the text about?
A. Rahim A.B.S.
B. Out door equipment shop
C. River boarding
D. Palayangan rivers
27. The followings are the safety equipment for river boarding sport except -------------
A. gloves
B. helmet
C. life vest
D. fins

The Indonesian government estimates that by year’s end, 100 million people, almost half the nation’s population, won’t be able to afford adequate food – which it defines as at least 2,100 calories a day per person – and other basic necessities.

28. What is the population of Indonesia?
A. 50,000,000
B. 100,000,000
C. 210,000,000
D. 200,000,000
29. The word adequate has similar meaning with ----
A. sufficient
B. sophisticated
C. quite
D. abundant
30. The synonym of the word estimate is ------
A. control
B. maintain
C. predict
D. suggest

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. John : We saw the shadow puppet show last night. It was different. Next week my father will ask you to join with us. Will you come with me?
Ria : That sound nice but I can’t.. I have to go to Bali. ……..
A. I am going to accompany my mother.
B. I am going to go with you, then.
C. I am happy to accompany you.
D. Ok, see you there.
2. X : Hello. Let me introduce myself.
I am your neighbor. My name is Ali
Y : Hi, I am Agung…….
X : Nice to meet you, too.
A. How are you doing?
B. How are you?
C. I’d like to meet you.
D. Nice to meet you.
3. A : This jacket is very nice.
B : Yes, but….
A : You’re right. It is too small for you.
You are thin
It doesn’t suit me
It is good for you
It looks like mine
4. Twinka : Have you reserved the food equipments for tomorrow party?
Ghery : Oh my God. I forgot it. I’m busy preparing the decoration of room.
Twinka : Never mind….
You are very careless
I think it’s OK
We should cancel the party
I’ll do it right now
5. Receptionist : Jayakarta hotel, good morning. Can I help you?
Guest : I need a VIP room for tonight…..?
Receptionist : It’s Rp. 1.000.000-,. What time do you want to check in?
Guest : I am coming at 9.00 a.m.
Is there any vacant room?
Is breakfast included in the bill?
How much is my bill?
How much does it cost per night?

6. Woman : Good afternoon. Merdeka Hotel. …………..?
Man : I’d like to reserve a room for a week
How much does it cost?
How long does it take?
What can I do for you?
What is your name?
7. X : It’s noon. The family……lunch at the cafeteria, so you shouldn’t come there
Y : I know. Thanks anyway.
are eating
8. Manager : how was Mr toni’s presentation yesterday?
Secretary : He….his speech very well. He spoke clearly and fluently.
9. Rani : I prefer …….in small town.
Ruri : Why? I think it’s too quiet for us.
Rani : I am bored with all noise in big city.
10. Anny : ……..?
Rita : May be, she can. But I doubt it.
Anny : I’ve never seen her using it.
Can Tuti borrow a computer?
Can Tuti operate a computer?
Can Tuti print a computer?
May Tuti chat in computer?

In questions 11- 20 , each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C,D . You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11. Tina : Do you think I can wear my new necklace?
Bagas : I wouldn’t advise wear jewelry in a difficult time like this.

12. Eti : Can you tell me where you live, Tina?

Tina : I lives at Tukangan number 1. It’s a nice place to stay.

13. Mud flow in Sidoarjo East Java is unpredictable for people which are expert in the A B C D
earth science.

14. Peter : Would you like something eaten John?
John : Sorry I have just had a big lunch at my home.

15. Because of the smoke from the forest fires have harmful effects, the government
should have educated people living around to understand the valve f forest and to
stop their bad habits.

16. A : Excuse me. Could you show me where is Trans. Comp. located please?
B : Of course. Just go along this street, it’s just three blocks from here on your left
A : Thank you.

17. Nani : Would you mind attend the party tonight?
Lusi : I’m afraid I can’t. I have something important to do.

18. Runi : I have three new story book. Which one do you want to read first?
Enny : I want to read the best one.

19. Mr. Hadi : Which teams will be sent to the contest tomorrow?
Mrs. Wati : We didn’t know yet, Sir. They are still being selected.

20. Hadi : “My car is broken again, and it is the 3rd time this week!”
Wuris : “Why don’t you buy the new one Bos?
Hadi : “Are you kidding, I would drive the new one if I was rich.


Come and enjoy our delicious food…..
Western , Japanese, Chinese, Indonesia.
Business hour: Monday-Friday (10.00-19.00)
10% discount on food until August 31, 2005
KAV 29-31, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Jakarta

21. If you buy Japanese food worth(Rp 275.000) on August 17, 2007. How much will you pay it?
A. 27.500
B. 147.500
C. 148.000
D. 197.500

22. How many kinds of foods?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
23. How long do they open the restaurant a day?
A. 9
B. 10
C. 12
D. 19
88 Channels
From as low as
Rp. 88.000* / year
Excluding 10% government tax

More choice
Greater flexibility!

“Available soon from PT. Broadband
Multimedia Tbk”

Phone: 5577088

24. How many channels are there?
A. 10
B. 88
C. 880
D. 888
25. How much will we pay a year?
A. 7.900
B. 79.200
C. 88.000
D. 96.800
26. What is the company’s name?
A. Digital TV
C. PT. Broadband Multimedia Tbk
D. Star Movie
Question 27-29 refers to the following coupon:
Name of passenger : Monica Colandern
From : New York LA Guardia
To : Los Angeles
Carrier Flight Class Date Time Gate Seat Smoke
TU 740 V 8 May 11:30 67 12 A No

27. What is the coupon?
A. Ticket for a concert
B. Boarding pass for an airline flight
C. Registration from for classes
D. Job Application
28. Where is Monica going?
A. New York
B. Los Angeles
C. Lo Guardia High School
D. To an interview
29. Where will she sit?
A. Seat 8 C
B. Seat 11 B
C. Seat 12 A
D. Seat 67 E
Question 30-32 refers to the following invitation:
Trust line cordially invites you to attend a morning seminar to learn how you can predict the trends that will assist your clients with the success of their investments.

To serve a seat, fill out the attached card and mail it with your registration fee.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the sources that drive successful fiduciary service management firms.

For the further information, please call 676-9980

30. Who would be likely to attend the seminar?
A. A private investor
B. A manager in a not-for-profit- organization
C. A stockbroker
D. A Newspaper publisher
31. What will be discussed at the seminar?
A. Building clients’ relationship
B. Fiduciary service management firms
C. How to foresee good investments
D. How to get rid of poor investments

32. How can you join the seminar?
A. Present this letter
B. Send a short form and payment
C. Send your business card and request
D. Call 676-9980

HILTI & Co, Ltd.,
179 Kebon Sirih

August 3, 2007

The manager,
Garuda Hotel,
1 Malioboro Street,

Dear Sir,

Two of our directors, Mr. Heilden and Mr. Ari, will visit Yogyakarta on August 7, 2007.They will stay there for three days.

We should be glad if you will reserve accommodation for them:
2 (two) single rooms with 2 (two) bathrooms

Please let us have an early confirmation of this booking.

Yours faithfully,
Hilton & C, Ltd

Wahyu Kurniawan

33. Who booked rooms?
A. Mr. Heilden and Mr. Ari
B. The Garuda Hotel Manager
C. Wahyu Kurniawan
D. Company
34. For how many days will the rooms be reserved?
A. 2 days
B. 3 days
C. 4 days
D. 7 days
35. When did the Hotel manager have to replay the reservation?
A. As soon as possible
B. On August 7, 2007
C. On August 3, 2007
D. Anytime

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Reza : Are you free tomorrow?
Iqbal : I have many things to do, Reza.
Reza : What about next Sunday? ………………………….?
I want to invite you to come to my house.
A. What do you do?
B. What did you do?
C. What would you do?
D. What are you doing?
2. A : How should I call you, Madam?
B : My complete name is Angela Brown. …………………
A. Please call me Mrs. Brown.
B. How do you do Angela?
C. This is Angela Brown.
D. Are you Angela Brown?
3. Johan: Do you know Chikita?
Joko : No, I don’t. Who is she?
Johan: She has short and black hair. Her nose is pointed. Her skin is white. She is slim.
Joko : She must be…………….
A. a beautiful girl
B. an ugly girl
C. a cheerful girl
D. a horrible girl
4. Mr. Romi: Have your parents received the package yet?
Angga : I think they have, Sir. They … the package yesterday morning.
Mr. Romi: There is nothing to be complained, isn’t there?
A. receives
B. were received
C. have received
D. received
5. Girl : I’m very sorry sir, we are fully booked now.
Man: That’s OK, but where should I stay a night tonight?
Girl : ………………………………………….
Man: Thank you. How kind you are.
A. Would you like to reserve room in another hotel?
B. Would you like me to book a room in another hotel?
C. Could I ask you to reserve a room in another hotel?
D. Can you book a room in another hotel for me, please?

6. Receptionist: Good morning. What can I do for you, sir?
Man : ………………………………………..?
Receptionist: I’m afraid he is not in today, Sir.
A. Can I inform Mr. Joko?
B. Can I call Mr. Joko?
C. Can I see Mr. Joko?
D. Can I go with Mr. Joko?
7. A : Jimmy and Susie are babies. They … May be they are hungry.
B : I think so. Most babies cry when they are hungry.
A. cry
B. are crying
C. to cry
D. cried
8. Beni: What did the people in your area do in celebrating the Independence Day last week?
Dian: Oh…….. and presented a local band.
A. They performed singing contest
B. They are showing many attractions
C. They will demonstrate magic show
D. They should show some entertainments
9. Luna: Pfiuuh.. Finally the test is over. It was really tiring.
Maya: ………………………………
Luna: it sounds nice. It may release my tension after the test.
A. How about the test?
B. How about going to the beach this afternoon?
C. You can take another test, I suppose.
D. Why don’t you try the menu?
10. Vero : It must be in dry season. I fell like I’m in the oven.
Maya: Do you want me to…?
Vero : That’s very kind of you.
A. switch the fan off
B. switch the fan on
C. close the window
D. turn on the light.

Question 11 - 20 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words/phrases are marked A,B,C,and D. You have to identify the underlined words/phrases that should be corrected.

11. Leny : What do you think of Mrs. Kusnadi?
Rendy: What a talkative woman she is. She keeps on talk and never listens to others.

12. Shofi: How often do you go to the library?
Izzati: I usually goes to the library twice a week.

13. The man which is in front of the house is my father. He is reading a newspaper.

14. Waiter: Why do you leave this restaurant, Sir?

Guest : The service of this restaurant is very disappointed. It is too slow and imperfect.

15. The Boeing 727, introduced at 1964, was the first commercial three engine jet and had
144 passenger seats.

16. Student : I think I shouldn’t stop going to school. My parents cannot afford to pay for the
school fee.
Teacher: Don’t do that. Keep on studying. I’ll pay for it.

17. Terry : I have no money to buy the ring. Can you look for me a job?
Sony : Would you mind helping my mother on her restaurant?
Terry : Of course, I’ll come to your mother’s restaurant tomorrow.
18. Rita : I drinks two glasses of orange juice, but Lita three ones does every day.
Lita : Yes, I drink orange juice more than Rita does everyday. Because I like it very much
and it is very useful for our health.

19. Shanti: Wow……….What a beautiful dress it is!
Ratri : Yes, you’re right. I really wanted to have it. It is designed by Kanaya Tabita.

20. Ali : If you refuse an invitation, try to say why you can’t accept. It would be polite
Beni: Sure.

Last week I went to the theater. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting. I did not enjoy it. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me. They were talking loudly. I got very angry. I could not hear the actors. I turned round. I looked at the man and woman angrily. They did nit pay attention. In the end, I could not bear it. I turned round again. ‘I can’t hear a word!’ I said angrily.
‘It’s none of your business,’ the young man rudely. This is the private conversation!”
(Adapted from practice & Progress)

21. What did a young man and a young woman talk?
A. They talked about theater
B. They talked about play
C. They talked about the seat
D. They talked about the private conversation
E. They talked about the actors
22. Where did the story take place?
A. The story was interesting.
B. The story was about the good seat.
C. The story was in the cinema
D. The story was in the theater.

23. What’s wrong with the author?
A. He enjoyed the play very well.
B. He didn’t enjoy the play well.
C. He didn’t get a good seat.
D. He played in the play..
24. Who was sitting behind the author?
A. A young man was sitting behind him.
B. A woman was sitting behind him.
C. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind him.
D. the writer was sitting behind him.

One of the most popular British motor cars is the Ford Escort. It has a reputation for being an efficient, practical, and economical car. In fact, in 2001, it was voted “car of the Year”. One model has a 1300 cc engine and five doors. Four of the doors are at the sides for the driver and passenger and the fifth, is at the rear for luggage. The spare wheel is kept on the rear with the luggage. Some of the models contain a radio and a clock as well as a cigar lighter and the more usual interior heater.
The car will do between 30 and 15 miles per gallon of petrol. The precise figure depends on the driving condition and the speed. Today the price of the car , depending on the particular model, varied between ₤ 4,000 and ₤ 5,750.

25. What is the main idea of the second paragraph/
A. The history of the car.
B. The price of the Ford Escort Car.
C. The reputation of the Ford Escort Car.
D. The specifications of the Ford Escort Car.
26. What determines the prices of the car?
A. the model
B. the interior
C. the engine and the doors
D. the driving conditions and the speed.
27. How many miles per gallon of petrol can the Ford Escort do?
A. between 40 and 57
B. between 81 and 82
C. between 30 and 15
D. between 130 and 1300

There are five requirements for a student to be a nursery person. One is that he possesses greater than average attitude for learning, another is that he possesses a good working knowledge of nursery. Still another is that he enjoys applying his knowledge to some problems or other. In addition, he should be curious about botanical plant that appears temporarily and about how botanical plant is grown lovely, how it grows and why finally he must be skillful.

28. Which is the suitable title of the passage?
A. A nursery student
B. How to become a nursery person
C. Requirement to become a nursery person.
D. The application of husbandry in solving problems.
29. Which of the following requirements is not mentioned in the passage?
A. have a good knowledge of nursery
B. have a great natural ability in learning.
C. have a strong interest in nursery
D. have done many experiment
30. What is one of requirements of being good nursery person?
A. talented
B. skillful
C. clever
D. diligent

Using a private computer is much faster once you’ve entered the names of the customers into a computer database. You can store all the records on a few small disks. You ca quickly add, change, remove, and analyze the information. If you want to know which customers are based in London, just tell the computer to read the customer list and pull out the names of everyone in London. In seconds, the list is displayed on the screen. Press a key on the computer keyboard and you get a print out o paper of the list. Now ask the computer to rank these customers according to the dollar of purchases they made during the past year. In a flash, the new list appears on the screen. It, too, can be immediately printed.

31. What is the main idea of the article above?
A. The drawbacks of using computer
B. The functions of small disk.
C. The advantages of using a private computer
D. The components of computer
32. It, too, can be immediately printed (the last sentence).
The word ‘it’ refers to….
a flash
the new list
the screen
the computer
33. Which activity is not included in using private computer
A. deleting the existing data
B. storing all the data
C. getting a print out paper of the data
D. analyzing the information

News flash News Flash News Flash
Devastating floods along the coast have left many people homeless. People are asked to help by donating food, clothes, furniture, and other supplies to the Assistance Fund. Donations bottled water is especially needed, since the floods have disrupted the local water supply. In addition, volunteers are needed to travel to the flooded area to help distribute the donations.

34. What does this notice concern?
A. Warning about the weather
B. Help for flood victims
C. Safety Precaution
D. Hazardous roads

35. In addition to supplies, what is needed?
A. places to stay
B. New bridges
C. Volunteers
D. Teachers


Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Dorothea : Are you going to attend the exhibition held in the town square ?
Farah : No, I’m afraid not ……
A. I plan to finish the monthly report today
B. I will be happy to attend the meeting
C. I could not come yesterday
D. I will go to exhibition
2.Adi : Rita , I would like to introduce you to my mother
Mother, this is Rita, my friend
Mother : ………………….
Rita :Glad to meet you too, Ma’am
A. Thank you very much Adi
B. Nice to see you, Rita
C. How are you, Rita?
D. How glad you are, Rita?
3. A: Yesterday I visited your office. I saw a young lady with short hair there. Is she your new secretary?
B: Is she as tall as you ?
A: No, ………….
B: Oh, she must be Miss Erlinda, my PR.
A. She is very pretty.
B. She is a bit shorter.
C. She has long hair.
D. She looks like me.
4. Travel Agent : Good morning, what can I do for you ?
David : I’d like to reserve one way ticket to Cirebon ?
Travel Agent : It's about Rp. 130.000,-
A. How can I go there ?
B. How much is it ?
C. How many person do you want ?
D. How do you get there ?
5. Girl : Good morning. Grand Hyatt Hotel. May I help you ?
Man : Yes,………………… please ?
Girl : I’m very sorry, they are fully booked until Sunday.
Would you like to book on Monday ?
Man : Thanks. I’ll find the others.
A. Can I have my ticket ?
B. I’d like to book a double room.
C. May I reserve a ticket to Surabaya ?
D. I’d like to have my booking code.

6. X : How can I get to the hotel from the airport ?
Y : …………….
A. The Ramayana hotel is located on east of Prambanan
B. Our airport transfer will fetch you, sir
C. O.k. could you pick me up at the airport at 4 p.m
D. Please, pick me up at the airport
7. X : Mr. Hudi suddenly rushed to the teacher’s room. What has happened ?
Y : Someone……….to see him. His phone cell rings
A. Comes
B. Is coming
C. Came
D. will come
8. Mother : You look so happy. What’s the matter?
Son : I………the speech contest at school. I got an English dictionary as a prize
A. Am winning
B. Will win
C. Won
D. Win
9. Son : Oh. It’s too hot in this room
Robin : ________________
A. You should open all the window
B. We should stay here
C. Why don’t you turn off the fan ?
D. It’s better to close the door
10.Rudi : …………………………..?
Wati : The switch is at the back
Rudi : Thanks for your help
A. How do you turn the computer on ?
B. How do you take the computer off ?
C. How do you bring the computer ?
D. How do you turn the computer back ?

Question 11 - 20 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words/phrases are marked A,B,C,and D. You have to identify the underlined words/phrases that should be corrected.
11. Mother : Susi ! How many times do I have to remind you hang up your
coat when you get home from school ?

Ani I’m sorry mom , never again. I promise
12. Nafis : My mother works as a teacher. What is yours ?
Zaim : She is a fruit seller. She sell many kinds of fruit at the market

13. Roni : Excuse me ! Can you show me where the Rara’s table is ?
Ririn : Yes of course. The table whose is near the teacher’s table is
Rara’s table

14. Ann : Would you like to sit down ?
Bill : No, thanks. I’d rather stretching my legs a bit
15. Passenger : Could you turn the radio up a bit please ?
Driver : Of course. Why ?
Passenger : I’m listening for the weather forecast. It’s very important for me
16. A : I wonder if you must show me the nearest way to BNI Bank, please!
B : I’m so sorry, I’m a new comer here myself
A : Oops, that’s all right thank you, then
17. Lusi : Are you going to come to Tuti’s party tonight?
Tono : No. I’m not inviting

18. Andi : Do you know who the taller student is in our class ?
Betty : Yes, I do. He is Anton

19. Teacher : Oh, what the dirty room it is. You have to clean it now
Students : Ok. Mom. We will cleaned it right away.

20. Galuh : It is dark here. I can’t read this book clearly.
Retno : If the windows are larger, we would get more light and we could
Study conveniently

III. Choose the best answer.

Advertising is paid. One. Way communication through a medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled. Variation include publicity, public relation, product placement, sponsorship, underwriting, and sales promotion. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages, including : television, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, the internet and billboards.

21. What is advertising according to the text ?
A. One way communication
B. Television, radio, movies
C. Magazines, newspaper, the internet and billboard
D. Messages
22. These are the variation of advertising, except…..
A. Publicity
B. Public relations
C. Product replacement
D. Sales promotion

Lecture series
By Chin fong
International Trade in the Global Community
Sponsor :The school of business
Benumont University
Data and times : March the Carmichael the b 18,19 and 20 at 7.30 p.m
Location : Sims lectures hall og the Carmichael building
To Register, please call the
Center for professional Development

23. What is purpose of this announcement ?
A. To announce a lecture series
B. To advertise the university
C. To announce a trade fair
D. O recruit students
24. Where will the event take place ?
A. At the school business
B. In Sims lecture hall
C. In the Center for Professional Development
D. In The Global Community Center

A Special Invitation
Business Monthly

Invites you sit back and save…. Enjoying free office delivery of
Each Issue at 50 % off the $ 30.00 cover price !
12 issues (1 year) just $ 15.00



City: State: Zip;

∆ Payment enclosed ∆ Bill me later

Your first issue will be mailed within 6 weeks

25. This is an advertisement for ……
A. A monthly magazine
B. A daily newspaper
C. A Calendar
D. Office supplies
26. How much is charged for delivery ?
A. Standard postal rates
B. Nothing
C. Fifty percent
D. Only fifteen dollars
27. When will the first issue arrive ?
A. Next week
B. this month
C. within six week
D. next year

IV. Choose the correct answer by crossing letters A, B, C or D. Number 28 up to 30 based on text. Read the passage carefully.

City Plaza
Tyler, Texas 75301
Januari 15, 2007
Mr. Kousuke Takahashi
Shimoda Robotics
3-24 Kita-ku, 1-chome
Mishima, Shizouka

Dear Mr.Takahashi,
It was a great pleasure to meet you at the robotics conference in San Diego. As per our conversation, I have spoken with our president, Mr. Calvin Wade, regarding the possibility of our producing your robots under license. Mr. .Wade was extremely impressed by the capabilities of your new heavy industry robots, and has given me permission to invite you to visit us here in Texas for further discussion.
When we spoke , you mentioned a possible trip to the U.S. this coming spring. We Would be delighted to have you here in Tyler as that time. our guest at that time.
I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your viability. I also look forward to a few more round of gold with you.


Wayne A. Cameron
Production Manager

28. Why did Mr. Cameron write this letter ?
A. To extend an invitation
B. To make a complain
C. To Introduce himself
D. To make a golf date
29. Where did Mr. Cameron and Mr. Takahashi meet ?
A. At a sales meeting
B. At a golf tournament
C. At a robotics conference
D. At political rally
30. Who approved inviting Mr. Takahashi to Texas ?
A. Mr. Takahashi
B. Mr. Wade
C. Mr. Cameron
D. Mr. Takahashi’s boss


Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1 .Arbi : Joko, do you have any plan today? How about if we go to Mirota Batik ?
I want to buy a scarf.
Joko : I’d love to, but I have a gamelan practice class at 2 o’clock.I have to
prepare for the show in Kraton next month.
Arbi : ………………………..
A. OK, See you this afternoon there.
B. OK. I’m waiting for you this afternoon.
C. Thanks, See you in Mirota Batik.
D. Oh, that’s fine. We can go to in another day.
2. Receiptionist : Good morning, May I have your name please ?
Guest : It’s Stuart. James Stuart.
Receiptionist : …………………. Mr. Stuart, please ?
Guest : It’s J-A-M-E-S S-T-U-A-R-T.
Receiptionist : Thank you.
A. What’s your name please ?
B. Could you spell it ?
C. Could you say it ?
D. How should I call you ?
3. Ali : Did you remember to read the article I sent you ?
Ani : I’m sorry. I have been so ………………….., but I’ll get it today.
Ali : You really should read it soon. It discusses some important information.
A. busy
B. dizzy
C. happy
D. noisy
4. Travel Agent : GIA Travel Agent, Can I help you ?
Traveler : I hope so. I’ve booked a seat to Bali leaving at 8 tomorrow. But
Because of my change of plan, can I have it for the day after
tomorrow at the same time ? My name is Firstya.
Travel Agent : …………………….Sir. It’s fixed then.
A. Wait a minute.
B. It will be your problem.
C. It won’t be a problem
D. You should fix it before.
5. Receptionist : Good morning, ……………………?
Sutirta : Yes, please. I’d like to reserve two rooms.
A. What’s your name ?
B. Where do you come from ?
C. May I help you ?
D. Do you like it ?

6. Mira : Oh, Jean, are you going to the post office ?
Jean : Yes, I am.
Mira : …………………………….
Jean : Not at all.
Mira : Thanks so much.
A. Can you leave me alone ?
B. Close the door before leaving ?
C. Would you mind posting these letters for me ?
D. Can you help me ?
7. Bram : Hello, Could I speak to Mr. Bambang, the manager ?
Mrs. Bambang : I’m afraid, he is not at home. He........................ Tennis in the
nearest field.
A. has played
B. was playing
C. is playing
D. plays
8. John : Hi, Mary. Where did you go last night ?
Mary : I ………..to the department store with my sister.
A. am going to
B. have gone
C. went
D. will go
9. X : I am hungry. I haven’t got my breakfast this morning.
Y : ………………………………….
A. Thanks. I’m full.
B. Let’s go to canteen. We’ll get some food there.
C. Why don’t you go home and sleep there ?
E. How about looking for a help ?
10. Tourist : I want to have information ……………………?
Guide : It’s National Jogja Hill Hotel.
Tourist : Thanks.
A. about the names of the hotel in here
B. what hotel is name
C. about hotel name
D. what is hotel name

In questions 11 – 20 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11. Budi : What kind of career would you like Tom?
Tom : Well, I’m not sure exactly. Be a writer could be interesting, you know,
writing novels or plays.

12. Principal : What does your uncle do?
Student : He’s a driver. He drove a taxi and looks for passengers.
13. Mr. Indarto who daughters are five is our headmaster. He has delivered a speech.
14. Buyer : Why did you reject when we ordered a big scale a long time ago?
Manager : At the beginning, our company couldn’t handle too many orders because
our machines are not sophisticated yet.
15. Journalist 1 : Personally, Do you agree for the death sentence?
Journalist 2 : No, I don’t agree at all. Why? Because if, later, It is found that
The verdict is wrong, it will be impossible for us to rehabilitate the
16. Peter : Would you like me to taking you around the city?
David : I’d really love to. This is my first visit and I really want to see the city

Peter : All right. Let’s go there.

17. Iwan : Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
Wati : Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I have to be prepared the report today.I will
have a meeting today
18. Father : Who is more diligent between Ali or Ani in working the job?
Mother : I think Ali is.

19. Desti : ehm………, I think your room looks very cozy.
Riana : Thank you. Actually it is decorated by a professional decorator.

20. Ana : Could your brother sell his car for me?
Bili : I’m not sure but I think he wouldn’t sell the car if I am him

Questions 21 – 35 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

Questions 36 -40 refer to the following schedule

Sanderson Training and Development, Inc.

Evaluating Employees
Focusing on Quality
Legal Issues Supervisors
Motivating Employees
Motivating Employees
Motivating Employees
Supervising Others
Issues Management
Workplace Safety
Workplace Safety

Jan. 23 & 24
Feb. 6
Feb. 21 & 22
Jan. 18
Mar. 29
May 5
May 1, 8 & 15
Feb. 25
Jan. 16
Mar. 20
6 p.m – 9 p.m
9 a.m – 6 p.m
4 p.m – 6 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m
9 a.m – 4 p.m

Dates and times are subject to change. For up-to-date information, visit our Web site : www.satrainging.ca.co. Fees per course : $189, including lunch. Cancellation must be received in writing no later than seven days prior to the session in order to receive a refund. Companies will be billed for any of_______employees not canceling in advance.
Registration begins December 1. Register by sending an e-mail to reg@satraining.ca.net. Calling toll-free 1-888-555-1867, or visiting our office
In Richmond.

21. For which employees are these training sessions primarily intended?
A. Receptionist
B. Supervisors.
C. Maintenance staff.
D. Office assistants.
22. What is not a way to register for the sessions?
A. In person.
B. By e-mail
C. By fax
D. By phone.
23. Which course is offered only in the evening?
A. Issues Management
B. Customers service
C. Workplace safety
D. Evaluating employees

24. Which course takes the longest time?
A. Focusing on Quality
B. Legal issues for supervisors
C. Issues Management
D. Workplace safety.
25. According to the information, When are refunds provided?
A. when cancellations are received a week in advance.
B. when the employees supervisor cancels on the day of the session.
C. when the instructor fails to attend the sessions
D. when the weather causes the sessions to be canceled.

Questions 26 – 28 refer to the following letter.

Dear Member,
The goal or Regents is to be the premier name in health care.

Since merging Royal Medical Green Shield and Jason Country Medical Bureau in April. we have been working with our customers and business partners to provide, over the long term, more innovative health benefit plans and services, wider provider networks, and enchanced access to health care coverage.

We’ve been pleased to receive your suggestion for these service improvements, and we look forward to receiving your further thoughts or suggestions. Our suggestion time is open 24 hours a day at 8.00 – 999 – 3445

We appreciate your patronage.

Rick Nelson

26. What is the purpose of this note?
A. To explain a merger.
B. To talk about Regent’s plan.
C. To give a new toll-free number.
D. To describe expanded health coverage.
27. What is one goal of Regents?
A. To increase availability of health care.
B. To publish a primer for new members.
C. To reduce costs to members.
D. To work customers and business partners.
28. What does Regents request of members?
A. To inform new potential client of its innovations.
B. To plan for health over the long term.
C. To learn about services on the internet.
D. To submit idea to the company.

Questions 29 – 30 refer to the following letter.

Zhorovska 23, 1500 Praha 4
Green Republic
Tel ( 02 ) 513 2334

December 3, 19

Post comptoir
43 Griffith Road
Diosdale Hamilton
North Island New Zealand

Dear sir or Madam
We are interested in becoming distributors for your software products in the czech Republic. Would yo please send us your latest catalogs, descriftive brochures, and term?
We are a hardware Company that would like to add software to our sales offerings. Our annual report is enclosed.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely your,

Peter Zavel

29. What does Eutech sell now?
A. Software.
B. Computer.
C. Financial report.
D. Printing services.
30. Eutech wants to …………
A. distribute software.
B. manufacture computers.
C. purchase hardware.
D. receive on annual report.

Questions 31 – 35 fill in the incomplete passage with the suitable answer below.

Vegetarian do not eat any meat, fish or poultry, and they avoid food with animal product in them………46…..… some people avoid red meat, they include chicken and fish in their diet. These are often people who ………47……… the health of a vegetarian diet..........48…………. Who find they cannot give up meat completely. This half-way position is sometimes taken by people who are making the change on .............49...............vegetarian diet. Vegetarians go one step further than other vegetarians, avoiding all food of animal..................50............... , such as dairy products,eggs,and honey.

31. A. in order that
B. because
C. although
D. so that
32. A. recognize
B. recognition
C. recognizing
D. recognizable
33. A. or
B. otherwise
C. beside
D. but
34. A. complete
B. completely
C. completed
D. completing
35. A. substance
B. factor
C. origin
D. element.

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Toni : Are you doing this afternoon
Edy : Yes, I … grandfather.
A. Have visited
B. Visited
C. Will visited
D. Am visiting
2. Mr. Lopez : Let me introduce myself. …………
Yuan : And what’s first name?
Mr. Lopez : It’s David. D-A-V-I-D
Yuan : Ok. I repeat D-A-V-I-D
Mr. Lopez : Correct. Thank you.
A. My name’s Lopez
B. This is Lopez
C. He is Mr. Lopez
D. His name is Lopez
3. A :This program is different from the previous one.
B : Yes, ……..
C : Right. This one is more simple.
A. it is very hard
B. it is easy enough
C. it is very difficult
D. it is complicated
4. Receptcionist : Good morning, Matahari Hotel. Can I help you?
Mr. Randy : I’d like to make reservation, ………..
Receptcionist : It is $ 250 per Night.
A. How much money do you need?
B. May I know the room’s rate per night?
C. How much money should I pay?
D. May I pay with a credit card?
5. A : I had … a room, but I’m sorry I have to cancel it.
B : That’s okay, …… Sir?
A. booked ; can I have your name
B. to book ; I have your name
C. booked ; your name
D. been booked ; please

6. Woman : There are dirty ashtrays in my room. It’s horrible. It looks so bad.
Man : ………..
A. I don’t agree with you
B. I’ll have them removed immediately ,Sir.
C. Sorry Sir, you have to clean it your self
D. No one will clean it, sir.
7. X : Look! It …… Can I take my umbrella?
Y : Good Idea, so we’ll go out then.
A. is raining
B. was raining
C. to rain
D. rained
8. Reza : When did you come back from the job training in Singapore?
Widy : ……..
Reza : Did you enjoy the training?
Widy : Absolutely, I really enjoyed the training.
A. I arrived by plane
B. My flight took two hours
C. I just arrived yesterday morning
D. I went there with my boss
9. Teacher : Are you interested in ….. English?
Student : Of course, English is very important in our live.
Teacher : So you must have more time to study it.
A. to study
B. study
C. studied
D. studying
10. Gisca : Are you busy this time?
Loly : No, ……..
Gisca : Please give this letter to Ardian.
Loly : All, right.
A. could I ask you for a help?
B. can you help me?
C. Do you want me to do something?
D. Can I ask you?

In questions 11 – 20 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11. Ratna : How did your parents feel when hearing you won the speech English

Rini : They were very proud of me. They suggested study harder.

12. Arini : Mom, I have homework from my teacher.
Mom : What’s it, dear?
Arini : …….. does water boil, at 80 C?
Mom : No, it didn’t dear, but at 100 C .

13. PC and internet what we need in the era of globalization is a tool of the
communication in the modern life

14. Frans : Will you tell the waiter that I want to have more sugar in my coffee?
Septi : Yes, I will if I saw him.

15. Receptionist : Yogya Inter city Transportation, Can I help you?
Traveler : I want reserve 3 seats to Bandung for next Saturday at 10 p.m

16. Receptionist : Bidakara Hotel. Good morning. Can I help you, Sir?
Guest : I would like to reserve a single room for Saturday next week.
Receptionist : A single room for Saturday.
Should I have your name, please?

17. Didik : Mom, I’m inviting to Nia’s birthday party to night. Is it all right?
Mom : You may go but please be home before 12.

18. Bambang : How old are you?
Toni : I am seventeen year old. I am older than Ali
19. Rina : Where are you go tomorrow?
Tony : I plan to buy a new blouse that is sold in Matahari Department Store.

20. Retno : “Look Sam, the magic jar is broken. Can you buy the new one?”
Samhari : “I will buy the new one if I had much money.
I will bring it to be repaired then.

Questions 21 – 34 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

26 Jl. Merapi Putih Medan
August 23, 2007
Francs Risdiar
PT. Indo Megah Raya
201 Jl. Cempaka Putih
Jakarta Timur

Mr. Risdiar,
I have enclosed a copy of the result of the work which I was hired to prepare for the project, “Improving Employee Performance”.
I would like to contact me if
you have any additional information as soon as possible.
It is nice to work with your firm, and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Yovita Aix

21. What is the main purpose of the letter above?
To submit a report
To ask about the future possibility
To offer future projects
To make improvement works
22. What would Mr. Risdiar like to do?
To star a new project
To improve the employee performance
To make agreement with the consultant
To look forward to a new job

23. Which of the following is not true according to the text?
Ms. Aix would like more projects
Ms. Aix is a consultant
Ms. Aix will discuss her evaluation
To : All employees
From : Security
Date : August 23, 2007
Subject : Guest

Tell your Guest to sign in at the reception desk, and the receptionist will call your office to admit them. Please come to the reception area and escort your guests to your office.

ThanksMs. Aix did not complete the project

24. What must the guests do?
Call the security
Admit the employee
Go to the employee’s office
Sign in at the reception desk
25. What the synonym of admit?
to send
to let enter
to release
to help
26. Who must accompany the guest to the employee’s office?
the employee
the security
the receptionist

We are looking for sales professional with a minimum of two years experience, single. Good professional performance, excellent communication skill, at least SMK graduates. We offer an excellent salary and benefits package.
Please send your resume before August 31, to
MERA Dept Store
15 Jl. A Yani Yogyakartathe guest them selves

27. Which of the following is not mentioned as a requirement?
Good appearance
Previous experience
A collage degree
Good speaking and writing skill

28. What must an applicant do?
look for the position
mail the resume
communicate with Mera Dept Store
have a benefits package
A home away from home for business traveler
211 Jl. Kemuning

We don’t have room service, but we have an electric coffee maker and a small refrigerator in every room You are welcome to join your fellow travelers in our comfortable lounge and help yourself a midnight snack or early morning continental breakfast.
Other amenities:
· Lunch –Rp, 22.000, dinner Rp. 30.000
· Colour TV with 100 channels
· A conference room
· A swimming pool
· Live music show
· Low rates-Rp. 125.000 a night for a single room;
Rp 150.000 for a double room including the breakfast
You can get your exercise walking around the City Shopping Mall, which is only a mile away.

29. Who serves the breakfast to the guests in Nyenyaq Motel?
A waiter
The guests themselves
The staffs of the motel
The receptionist
30. Where can the guests of Nyenyaq Motel meet their friends?
in a conference room
in each room
in music concert
in the motel lounge
The National Motor works automobile plant has been closed since yesterday, after workers failed to reach an agreement with the company on a new contract. Union representatives say the workers will remain on the strike until the National Motorworks Company agrees to a 13 % wage increase and improved health benefits. ”I really can’t afford this break from the work right now financially speaking,” said one plant employee,” but this is for my future and my family’s future. The way things are now, I can’t even afford to take my kids to the doctor.” The National Motorworks Company is the largest producer of automobile in the country.

31. What does the article tell about?
Renewing a contract
Employees strike for a better earning
The largest Motor works company
A company increases 13% wage
32. What are the employees doing?
They are having a new contract
They are taking the children to the doctor
They are demanding the wage improvement
They are making an agreement

To all participants in the Denpasar a week-tour

We are sorry to inform you that this Old-New tour has been cancelled due to insufficient booking.
You will receive a complete refund minus @ 5 % service charge, within a few days

We are sorry for any inconvenience
This may cause you

33. Why is the tour cancelled? Because ……
the tour is inconvenience
the participant need the refund
they need the service charge
there are not enough participants
34. How much refund will the participant get?
All computer disks be scanned immediately upon to this building. Standard Chemical Company policy prohibits the possession of any personal disks on site.
Disk ovchorized for busines must be declared, accompanied by as pass, and scanned for viruses.
When entering the facility, failure to declare disk will result in confiscation. The term “disk” refers to any computer – data medium.

35. Where would this notice most likely be seen?
In a health clinic
At a computer terminal
At the entrance of standard chemical
In the company cafetaria

36. What will happen if a disk is not declared?
it will be erased
it will be scrat cked
it will be duplicated
it will be taken away

As a special guest of our hotel, you are encitled toa complimentary beverage with dinner in our Harbor Room.
Please present this invitation to your waiter.
We hope tour stay with us in enjoyable.

Joko Priyono
General Manager

37. What does this card offer you?
A dinner
A drink
A room
A dessert

38. Where should you redeem this card?
In the dinning room
In the gift shop
At the general Manager’s office
At the front desk


Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

What is she going to talk soon?
A. She will talk to me.
B. She is goes to speak her business.
C. She is going to talking her business.
D. She is going to talk her business
Tya : Hello, are you a new student here?
Siti : Yes, I’m Siti. …
Tya and Riyadi: How do you do. I’m Tya and this is my classmate, Riyadi.
A. How is business
B. How are you
C. How do you do
D. Hello, thank you
A: Have you tasted the cakes on the plate near the bowl?
B: Yes, I have.
A: Isn’t it nice?
B: Yes, but …
A. It is delicious enough
B. It is tasty
C. It is too sweet for me
D. It tastes good
Caller: Hello, I’m Brown. I’d like to book a table for 2 tonight at 7 p.m.
Waiter: Sure. Do you have any special preferences?
Caller: …
A. Yes, I want to have dinner with my friend
B. Of course, I want a table near the pool
C. Yes, I’d like to have dinner at 7 p.m.
D. Yes, this is my special
Travel Agent: Natours Travel Agent. Good morning, can I help you?
Caller : I’d like to book a flight to Jakarta for next Monday
Travel Agent: … to reserve a hotel room for you , too?
Caller : No, thank you
A. Would you like me
B. Do you mind if I
C. Would you
D. Could you

Woman: Good morning. Jayakarta Travel
Man : Good morning. I need two way tickets for two persons to Singapore.
Woman : …? Economy, business, or first class?
Man : First class and I want it for tomorrow.
A. What class is it?
B. What kind of ticket do you want?
C. Which is the most expensive?
D. How much is that all?
Andi: How can you afford to buy that car? You said you were broke.
Asih: The bank … a lease for me now. I’ll start paying for it next month
A. processes
B. will process
C. processed
D. is processing
Purbo: My hobby is playing badminton.
Ismi : Are you good at it? Have you ever got any championship?
Purbo: Certainly. I … for a single at my school in 2007.
A. achieve the metal
B. have some champions
C. receive a sum of money
D. was the first winner
Nani: Up to now, I still keep … milk.
Tata: It’s good for your health. Do you know that?
Nani: Yes, but it could make me fat too.
Tata: Don’t worry, because it can keep your health.
A. drinking
B. drunk
C. to drink
D. drink
Ardian: Well, it’s 2 o’clock. You must be hungry.
Would you like something to eat?
Johan: Thank you.
Ardian: OK, wait a moment. I’ll buy a burger for you.
Johan : Great. It is …………….
A. Sorry, I can’t
B. Just what I need
C. I’m not hungry
D. Never mind

In questions 11 – 20 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

Maya: I need to do some exercises to stay fit
Dinda: Have you considered to walk for one hour every day?

12. Frida: I study at SMK Muh. 2 Bantul. The class starts at 7
a.m. and ends at 1.45 p.m. every day.
Siti: Almost the same. My school also finished at 1.45 p.m.
Except on Friday.

13. That is the business man who daughter was kidnapped a few
days ago.
14. Waiter: Would you like a dessert?
Marta: Certainly, I’ll have a small piece of cakes, please.

15. Robert: Have you ever been to Bali, Bill?
Bill : Yes, I went there last month. I enjoyed staying
there. It’s famous at its interesting tourist objects.

16. Mery: Honey, I am trying to speak to Mr. Harun.
Should you help me find his number?
Diana: OK, with my pleasure.

17. Andi: Are you going to attend the English speaking club
tomorrow ?
Rudi: Yes, of course. I’m one of the members and I have
been invite.

18. Tom: Why didn’t Mr. Ericson go to Tokyo?
Andrew: If he hasn’t missed the last flight, he could have gone there.
19. Governor: The number of people die every year is still high.
Doctor: That’s right, Sir. Anyway hospitals are build.

20.Fika: Do you want me to check the spark plugs?
Willy: It’s OK. They’ve already been check.

Questions 21 – 23 refer to the following notice

The complete Remedy for colds

Each 20 ml dose contains Paracetamol B.P. 500 mg. Phenylpsopanclamine B.P. 25 mg. Dextromethorphan Hydro bromide B.P. 15 mg.
Instructions : Shake the bottle before removing the cap.
Replace cap securely after used.
Adult and children: Fill measure cup to 20 ml mark (four 5 ml spoonfuls)
Over 12 : Repeat every 4 hours as required up to a maximum of four doses in any 24
Children 6 – 12 : Fill measure cup to 10 ml mark (two 5ml spoonfuls) and give every 4 hours as required up to a maximum of four doses in any 24
Children under 6 : only as directed by a doctor.

21. What must we do before turning off the cap? We must …
A. shake the bottle
B. fill the measure cup
C. prepare the spoon
D. replace cap securely
22. Which one is correct based on the text?
A’The medicine is good for any diseases
B.Every one can drink the medicine freely
C. Children may not take the medicine more than two doses
D. We should consult the doctor first before giving it to the baby
23. Children under 6 only as directed by a doctor.
The underlined word has similar meaning as ….
A. asked
B. ordered
C. suggested
D. prohibited

Questions 24 – 27 refer to the following letter
Star Enterprises
340, Paya Lebar Road
A – Z Building #04-07/08
Singapore 1530
December 29, 20__

Ms. Anne Wong
Personnel Manager
NMWA Group
32, Rue Bonaparte
Paris, France

Dear Ms Wong:
This letter is to introduce Mr. Ferdinand Tan. Mr. Tan has worked for my company for fifteen years. He is a very good translator. He speaks several dialects of Chinese, Malay, and Hindi. He is , of course, fluent in English and French.
Mr. Tan and his family are moving to Paris this month. I have given him your name as a person to contact regarding translation work in the Paris area. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for him.

Sincerely yours,
Chek Hu
Vice President

24. What is Mr. Tan’s position?
A. Vice President
B. Translator
C. Manager
D. Teacher
25 What was Mr. Hu’ relationship to Mr. Tan?
A. Language teacher
B. Travel agent
C. Employer
D. Employee
26. Which language does Mr. Tan not speak?
A .Chinese
B. Malay
C. Hindi.
D. Thai
27. Where is Mr. Tan moving to?
A. Singapore
B. England
C. France
D. India
Questions 28 – 30 refer to the following notice

THE ASIA TIMES 132 Silom Road
RENEWAL NOTICE Bangkok, Thailand


Your subscription to The Asia Times expires this month. It is time to renew.
Don’t let a week go by without your magazine. Renew now and receive your choice of a digital watch or a radio.

D Payment enclosed D Please bill me

3428 47234 463 MUS 3828 47832 3X4B One year (52 issues)
Harold Museveni for $250.00
Takeda Building
Harumie 2-chome
Tokyo, Japan

28. What is The Asia Times?
A. A magazine
B. A textbook
C. A watch
D. A radio
29. Where should payment be sent?
A To Hong Kong
B.To Bangkok
C.To Manila
D.To Tokyo
30. How often is The Asia Times issued?
A,Twice a month
Once a month
Every week

Questions 31 – 32 refer to the following article

The Bureau of Tourism reports that travel in 2003 between Hong Kong and Shanghai has doubled since 2001. The increase is due to the commercial relations between the two cities. The Textile Trade Agreement (TAA) of 2000 is said to be responsible for the increase. Textile manufacturers in Hong Kong and Shanghai are now making clothes for markets in the United States and Europe.

31. According to the passage, how many people traveled between Hong kong and Shanghai in 2003?
A.The same number as in 2000
B. Twice as many as in 2001
C. Half as many as in 2001
D. Less than in 2000
32. According to the passage, what is the reason for the increase in travel?
A.The film industry
B .Commerce
The textile manufacturers
The Bureau of Tourism reports

Questions 33 – 35 refer to the following coupon.


Name of Passenger: Monica Colandem

From: New York LaGuardia

To: Los Angeles

Carrier Flight Class Date Time Gate Seat Smoke
TU 740 V 8 May 11:30 67 12A NO

33. What is this coupon?
A. Train ticket
B. Ticket for a concert
C. Boarding pass for an airline flight
D. Registration form for classes
34. Where is Monica going?
A. New York
B. Los Angeles
C. La Guardia High School
D. To an interview
35.Where will she sit?
A. Seat V
B. Seat 67
C. Seat 12A
D. Seat 740
Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.
16. Max: Should I wait here at the counter or follow you back to the warehouse?
Bob: …………
(A) I put the scale on the counter.
(B) My house is not far from here.
(C) Yes, it’s next to the warehouse.
(D) Oh, come with me please.
17. Stranger: How far would you say the Central Park is from here?
Marry: ………….
(A) It’s about ten minutes walk.
(B). No, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.
(C). Yes, parking there is very expensive.
(D) No, parking is not allowed here.
18. Rika: What do you think, plain or patterned carpet in the waiting room?
Kenya: …………..
(A) Not much longer, I hope.
(B) There’s no room on the plane.
(C). Either one is fine with me.
(D) Sorry. I really don’t think so.
19. Worker 1: How can we be sure that the order will arrive on time?
Worker 2: ……………
(A) At about five in the afternoon.
(B) To buy some.
(C). Yes, you can take the order.
(D) Express service is very reliable.
20. Andy: What is the fine for overdue books?
Robert: ……………..
(A) You can borrow videos, too.
(B) Yes, it’s an excellent book.
(C). It’s ten cents a day.
(D) You can borrow it for a week.
21. Staff 1: Whose coffee cup is this on my desk?
Staff 2: ………...
(A) It’s not his desk.
(B) Ups, sorry. I was wondering where I left it!
(C). Cream and sugar, please.
(D) Thank you very much for your attention.

22. Mrs. Kay: Didn’t anyone train the new employee to use the copier?
John: ……………
(A) The copier’s in the staff room.
(B) I take the bus to work.
(C). The documents have been copied already.
(D) Mike showed him how everything works.

23. Rheina :Why is this train running late?
Meg :…………
(A) We met them an hour ago.
(B) I think there are some mechanical problems.
(C). It’s scheduled for Platform 7.
(D) It’s just two blocks on the right.

24. Customer :When will my laundry be ready?
Staff :………………
(A) In about two hours.
(B) Two dollars a shirt.
(C). I’ve already cut it.
(D) They take the bus to go there.
25. Andrew: Has the catering delivered our order yet?
Nina: ………………
(A) I like chicken.
(B) On Monday.
(C) No, it’s five dollars.
(D) Yes, it’s here.

26. Woman 1: What should an operator do?
Woman 2: Answering telephone calls is the …………. Of an operator.
(A) responsible
(B) responsibly
(C) responsive
(D) responsibility

27. Man: Where’s Ben studying now? I’ve heard that he’s very much interested in studying medicine.
Woman: Ben would have studied medicine if he ……………. To a medical school.
(A) could be able to enter
(B) had been admitted
(C) was admitted
(D) were admitted
28. Worker 1: Our business runs very well. I believe it’s because of the team-work and the ability of the director to manage things.
Worker 2: Yes, our director knows ………………..
(A) money management, selling, and able to satisfy the stockholders.
(B) how to manage money, selling products, and be able to satisfy the stockholders.
(C) how to manage money, sell products, and satisfy the stockholders.
(D) money management, selling, the idea of being able to satisfy the stockholders.

29. Student 1: What do you think about Ryan, the new student?
Student 2: He ……………. he could improve his test scores, but he didn’t have enough time to study.
(A) knew to
(B) knew how
(C) knew how that
(D) knew how to
30. Lena: John is such an excellent worker, isn’t he?
Meidy: Yes. While he is attempting to finish the project before the due date, the other members of the team ………………
A) seems to be very much exhausted.
(B) .seem to be very much exhausted.
(C) seemed to being very much exhausted.
(D) seem to being very much exhausted.

In question 31 – 40 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined.
Identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or revised

31. Tourist :” Who will get the scholarships sir?”
Guide :” The scholarship are providing for the students who get the first and
second rank.

32. Vijay : “ Hallo, I’m new student here my name is Vijay, May I know yours name?”
Kate :” Hello nice to meet you.”

33. Yoko :”I found two English books in my drawer, which one is yours?”
Kate : “The red one is mine book.”

34. Arman : “ Hey Renny, long time no see, Where have you been?”
Renny :” After finished my study, I got married and live in Bandung.”

35. Shanty :”I didn’t call me for a long time, Does he has my number?
Santo :” Drajat would call you if he has your number.

36. Principal :” What would you do with those lazy student Mr.Ponty?.”
Teacher :”I will has them rewritten my material twice?”

37. Secretary :” Will you stay in Hilton during the conference?”
Manager : “, No, neither lunch or dinner was served in the hotel.”

38. Santo :” Why do you study in a SMK?
Dian :” Because, SMK students get many skill practice than SMU Student.”

39. Teacher :” This classroom is too small. I think we need a biggest one.”
Applicants :” It’ OK, Our new classroom will be ready next week.”

40. Manager :” Could you give me the catalog to verified the price.”
Staff :” Certainly sir, I will put it on your desk soon”

Questions 41 – 50 based on a selected of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b, c or d to each question.
Questions 41 – 42 refer to the following diagram.
· Dial 1 to call Bell Captain
· Dial 2 to call Restaurant
· Dial 3 to call Room Service
· Dial 4 to Call House Keeping
· Dial 5 to call Main parking Lot
· Dial 6 to call Reception Desk
· Dial 7 to make Room – to – Room Calls
· Dial 9 to make Local call
· Dial 0 to call Operator

41. Which button should we push first to call a nearby shoes store?
(A) 1
(B) 5
(C) 8
(D) 9
42. Which button should you push to have beverages delivered to your room?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 7

Question 43 – 46 refer to the following advertisement!
Tybalt Corporation has immediate openings for electricians with industrial experience in the maintenance, installation and repair of electric motors and electrically operated equipment. The job offers an excellent salary and benefits including medical insurance, life insurance, and generous retirement package. We strive to maintain a clean, safe working environment where career – oriented employees have opportunities for achievement Contact Human Resources at 643 – 4500 for an application form. The completed form and a letter explaining relevant work experience and career goals should be returned to Pat Swenson. Interviews will be conducted during the week of April 2 to April 6

43. What must an applicant of this job have done in the past?
(A) Operated electrical equipment
(B) Worked as an electrical in an industrial setting
(C) Sold various type of insurance
(D) Worked as an automotive mechanic
44. What is NOT given as an advantage of working for Tybalt?
(A) A chance for better position
(B) A good working environment
(C) A long annual vacation
(D) An excellent retirement plan
45. What is the first step in applying for the job?
(A) Call an request an application form
(B) Write a letter about experience and career goal
(C) Review the salary and benefit package
(D) Arrange interview wit Pat Swenson

Question 46 – 48 refer to the following advertisement!
An agreement between Joy Fabric, Ltd and who will act as commissioned international sales representative for textiles manufactured by Joy Fabrics, Ltd.
Costumer to whom you may sell
REPRESENTATIVES are not authorized to sell to certain costumers with whom Joy Fabrics Ltd has a relationship including.
A) Established Joy Fabrics,Ltd costumers
B) Costumers living in countries in which Joy Fabrics,Ltd has an official resident agent
All sales earn representatives a 5% commission. The price of sample book of textiles will be deducted from commissions. All travel expenses to international exhibitions where Representatives work at the Joy Fabrics, Ltd. booth will be completely reimbursed.No other business travel will be reimbursed.

46. This agreement is to be made between Joy Fabrics, Ltd and what other Party?
(A) A textile manufacturers
(B) A Costumer
(C) A resident agent
(D) A sales person

47. What does the contract say about the expenses of traveling to international exhibition to work at booth
(A) The representative will pay 5%
(B) The representative will be paid back for all cost
(C) He representatives will receive a special bonus
(D) The representatives will pay all expenses
48. Who are potential costumers for the representative?
(A) Established costumers by Joy Fabrics, Ltd
(B) Anyone with a resident agent in his or her country
(C) All costumer meet an international exhibition
(D) New costumers who do not have resident agent in their country.

Question 48 – 50 refer to the following advertisement!
Once estimates are submitted to Human resources for review and approval, we will issue a letter of acceptance to the career .If you should choose instead to hire a third party mover, we will provide direct payment to that mover at the conclusion of your mover. Please feel free to contact me with you have any questions.

Corrine Von Screven
Human Resources

49. Who wrote this message?
(A) A real estate agent
(B) A moving company employee
(C) A travel agent
(D) A personnel officer
50. What is the subject of the message
(A) Payment of moving expenses
(B) Costumer complaint
(C) Insurance claims
(D) Employee retirement plans

Reading Section

Direction: This part of the test has incomplete sentences. You are to choose one of the words or phrases given beneath each sentence that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. Andre : I’d like doing interview with famous people on TV.
Ina : Why is that?
Andre : For me,... to people about their lives would be fascinating.
A. to talk
B. talking
C .talks
D. talk
17. Baron : What do you think of Padang food, An?
Anne : I love it, but I’m not really in the mood for it today.
Baron : Yeah. . . I guess. It’s quite spicy
A. I am not either.
B. I am not neither.
C. Neither am not I.
D. Neither do not I.
18. Joan : Did you eat the meal that Linda cooked for dinner last night?
Jake : Yes, I did it,… I knew that her cooking is never good
A. in spite of
B. therefore
C. because
D. although
19. Joan : I really…when people start arguments.
Judy : I feel the same way, very sick! Especially when they do it during dinner.
Joan : It’s even more irritating when they don’t listen to other people’s views.
A. very happy
B. cannot stand it
C. don’t mind it
. D. enjoy it
20. Pharmacist : Good morning madam. Can I help you?
Mrs. Smith : Yes, please. … something for dry skin?
Pharmacist : Well. Try some of this new lotion. It’s very good.
A. Is it OK if
B. May you have
C. Could I have
D. Shall I buy
21. Mary : Is Mr. Ahmad there?
Bob : I’m afraid he isn’t in. He is at a conference in Bandung all day. … a message?
Mary : Well. I’ll ring him at about nine then
A. Can I give him
B. May you give me
C. Could I give you
. D. May I tell you

22. Kelly : Do you like lobster, Dav?
David : I don’t know. I.... never. .. it since I was a child.
A. have not - eaten
B. has - eaten
C. have - eaten
D. was – eaten
23. Jennifer : I’m tired. I’d rather not go out this evening, if you don’t mind.
Anne : It’s OK. I also prefer... at home to going out.
A. stay
B. stayed
C. to stay
. D. staying
24. Mr. Brown : Are you here to apply for a job?
Applicant : Yes, Sir.
Mr. Brown : Here is an application form. Fill it out and when you are finished, submit it to
me. A week later, you... for a test.
A. have been it
B. will be invited
C. were invited
D. will be done.
25. Jason : Do you have a date for the party yet?
Tracy : Actually, I don’t.......Do you think you could help me find one?
Jason : Hmm. What kind of guys do you like?
Tracy : Oh. I like a guys...aren’t too serious. You know, ..... .like you.
A. who
B. whom
C. which
D. whose

In questions no 26 -35 each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B, C, D. You have to identify the underlined words or phrases- that should be corrected 0r rewritten.

26 Chef I : Everyday our restaurant is visited by at least 300 hundred people because it
serves healthier food. A B Chef II : Yes, but sorry your food is boring than the food in our restaurant
27. Kim : You usually cycle to work, don’t you?
Rob : Yes, but my bicycle is being repair at the moment.
B :Kim : What’s going on?
Rob : The Handle bars are broken. . D

28. Bernad : May I borrow your dictionary?
A Tracy : Sure. But please be sure to put it off on the shelf when you’re finished. B C D

29. Fettry : What would you like do after graduating from SMK?
Baz : I like web design. So I’ll apply for a job as a web designer. C D

30. Rahma : What do you usually have for breakfast?
Ardelia : I enjoy consume a glass of tea and a spoon full of honey to keep my body

31. Woman 1 : As a medical researcher, what are your activities?
Woman 2 :Well. I spend my time to do research, got data and help save
people’s lives.

32. Paul : I need to get to the airport. Which is more convenient?
A B Brian : You would take the airport bus. It’s cheaper than a Taxi.

33. Bred : Are you coming with Us ?
A Tracy : I know I promised to go with you, but I’m not feeling very good
Would you mind stay home ?
Bred : Of course not.

34. Woman : Are you a tour guide?

Man : No. I am movie stars. I often travel all over the world to cover
A B C import events and meet many famous people

35. Ted : Did you know that Westly got a hundred percents on the test.
Julia : Really? That surprises me. If I didn’t know better, I will think he

Questions 36-37 refer to the following report.

Over the past two years the company has spent $6 million, about half per year,
on environmental improvements for plants and facilities. The company estimates
that such expenditures will increase by approximately $ 2 million per year for
the next two years. Future expenditure will be dependent to some extent
upon environmental regulations. .

36. About how much did the company spend on the environment this year?
A. $ 3 million B. $ 5 million
C. $ 6 million
D. $ 8 million
37. How Much do they expect to spend next year?
A.$ 3 million
B. $ 5 million
C. $ 6 million
D. $ 8 million

38. On what does future spending depend?
A. Quality of the environment
B. Availability of funds
C. State of Facilities.
D. Possible rules.

Questions 39-41 refer to the following instruction:
Instruction to use:
1. Set the temperature, and then insert the main plug into the wall socket.
2. After you plug in, the pilot light comes on.
3. when the pilot light has been off and on again, you can start ironing.
4. When you finish ironing, remove the main plug from the wall socket.

Based on the instruction above, what should we do after setting the temperature?
A. Insert the main plug into the wall.
B. Plug in the pins into the socket.
C. Rotate the temperature dial.
D. Start the pilot light.
40. The instruction is about? A. How to iron clothes.
B. How to operate an electric iron
C. How to operate the pilot light on.
D. How to change an electric iron

Questions no 41-43 refer to the following letter
D.M Bags Co.
P.O.BOX 663 Italy
Telp.(718) 546-3352 Fax.(718) 546-3390
Mrs. F.A Gwen .
Women Accessories, In
Box 1072 ,Seattle, WA

Dear Mrs. Gwen:
Thank you for sending me a copy of your latest bag catalog. I am interested in a leather bag with a long, small strap. According to the catalog, models in your 450 series are made of strap leather. I place an order, however, I would like to exact specifications on shape, size, and color for bags in this series .There is urgency to this order, and I would appreciate receiving the information by fax. Upon receipt, I will contact you with any additional questions I may have
I look forward to hearing from you.

41. What does the letter request?
A. Additional Information.
B. A bag with long and small strap.
C. The latest catalog
D. A replacement part.
42. How is Mrs.F.A Gwen asked to respond the request?
A. by telegraph
B. by telephone
C. by overnight mail.
D. by facsimile transmission
43. What should the leather bag that Mr. Dammin is looking for be like?
A. Fashionable.
B. Inexpensive.
C. Light weight.
D. Hand made.

Questions no 44 – 46 refer to the following advertisement

Tuesday Evening Art Films at Gaya Fusion Art space jl. Raya Sayar, Ubud ( Tlp. 0361-979252 / 97253.www gaya – fusion. Com ). July 17, My Best friend,1999; July 24,Satyricon,1970; July 31, Un Chien Andalou,1929, Land Without Bread,1932.

44. What is the advertisement offered ?
A. Evening Art
B. Art Space.
C. Art Films.
D. Gaya Fusion
45. July 24 th, the Gaya Fusion Art space displayed ...
A. Satyricon, 1970 :
B. My Best Friend, 1999
C. Land Without Bread
D. Un Chien Andalou, 1929
46. The following statements are true according to the text except ...
A Gaya Fusion Art Space is at Jl Raya Sayar, Ubud.
B. The show at Gaya Fusion Art Space is scheduled on Thursday evening.
C. My Best Frien,1999 is one of the title of the films
D. People can book a ticket by phone on 0361-979253

Questions no 47 – 50 refer to the following announcement
To save your time on your phone calls,our concert and theater complex ha s installed an automated phone system. Special phone lines now link you directly with a trained representative.After calling our main number, For each of our service :
dial 1 to purchase individual tickets;
dial 2 to purchase tickets for groups and organizations ;
dial 3 to request a schedule of events ; and
dial 4 to inquire about special services for the disabled.
Line vive is available for other information not covered by these categories.

47. What is the purpose of this announcement :
A. To encourage concert-goes to make calls during intermission
B. To inform patrons of a new phone system
C. To complain about past phone problems
D. To propose installation of an automated phone system
48. Why was the automated phone system installed ?
A. It is more private
B. It is friendlier
C. It is cheaper .
D. It is faster
49. Which service does dialing 2 connect you to ?
A. Requesting a schedule
B. Services for the disabled.
C. Purchasing group tickets
D. Purchasing individual tickets
50. If your inquiry is not in these categories, what can you do ?
A Dial 5.
B. Stay on the line
C. Call the main number again
D. Ask for the call to be transferred

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